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I dont have an issue with women eating chips, just dont chew gum! I can not abide seeing women chewing gum looking like a cow chewing her cud, talk about Big turn off!!!
I would think most men would like to see a woman getting stuck into a decent meal instead of fannying around with a lettuce leaf. They certainly don`t seem to mind seeing Nigella Lawson stuffing food into her chops
To be fair, around here, they always stick their chewing gum to the back of the bus seat in front of them before tucking into their chips.

Nigella? Mmmm.
Must agree with Ratter. Nothing more off-putting than seeing a woman chewing the cud.
or with her hair in curlers, smoking a fag.
That's good news for me then ... I've often sat down in an eatery and observed many a lady not eat her chips.
Probably not much room left though, after tucking away her x-large kebab ;0/
Have I seen many women eating Chips what....?
Oooooh Turbot!
I do like an extra large kebab....
I don't drink pints, I don't chew gum

However I do eat chips if I fancy them.

To suggest that a woman is not a lady if she eats chips is pathetic.
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