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I make mine by making pizza dough in the bread maker. Then roll it out and put it on pizza trays. Add tomato sauce and whatever toppings you want then stick it in the oven.
Don't put pineapple on it.
I like mine with a savoury scone base its easier to handle and less doughy than a traditional base.
I love pineapple on my pizza
I too use a bread maker make the dough ..roll it and top with whatever you fancy
If you'd rather not make your own dough most large supermarkets have in their freezer section pizza dough already made that just needs defrosting and rolling out.

I make my tomato sauce by gently frying off an onion with a couple of cloves of garlic when soft and lightly coloured I add a tin of tomatoes and some dried oregano and seasoning. Leave to reduce and blitz with a stick blender or you can pass through a sieve.

My favourite toppings are fig, prosciutto, soft blue cheese and mozzarella or ham, pineapple, olives and jalapeños.

I really enjoy a combination of salt, sweet and spicy; the meat element prevents marauding veggies trying to steal a slice ;-)
I use my breadmaker too
Only ever done it once. Was a success. You make the bread dough, then shove the tomato, cheese and optional fillings on top, then stick it in the oven until it's ready.

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