Cerebral Celery

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Trillipse | 12:28 Wed 12th Oct 2005 | Food & Drink
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anyone ever tried eating animal brains? worthwhile experience?


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Nope, I don't even eat liver because of what it is!
Its called BRAWN
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now, i had brawn as a child on the farm, and greatly enjoyed it, though have discerned i t didn't contain brains, which is backed up by a recent recipe in the observer. i don't think brawn needs to contain brain, but regardless, i was thinking more of the experience of biting into unreconstituted brain tissue.

Brawn is only my experience as well - but liver, now that's another story: Liver is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite food, whether it be thin slices of quickly fried calves liver (so that it is still pink in the middle), or a great big bowl of liver and bacon using lambs liver.


You have some funny eating habits.First garden snails now brains.!! You can buy pigs or calves brains and either deep fry them or you can scramble them like eggs. brawn is made from the pigs head . No brain it just the meat and jelly. All absolutely disgusting...but whatever floats your boat. Brains and snails are loaded with cholesterol by the way.

Indeed. You can get 1,170 % of your recommended daily cholesterol intake with just one can of pig's brain in milk gravy. I think if you can stomach a tin of this stuff you won't be put off by minor details such as this!

Bon appetit!

1170 % rda of cholesterol. Heart-stopping information. :-)
When I was young, (a long time ago), rationing had just finished, you could by Sheeps Brains in the butchers.
my hubby's family eat brain with spinach and he remembers eating lung when he was young
Some brains are not only nutritional but very very cheap, for example politicians brains have been estimated by experts to be worth almost 2p a kilo. True story.
Brawn is made with a pigs head - all of it !
Can use half a head for a smaller amount.
Was going to mak it once but recipe sair to clean the nostril with my little finger - and I'm sorry but I had no intention of EVER putting my finger up a dead pig's nose.
Bought it instead

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Cerebral Celery

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