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langara | 16:20 Sun 09th Oct 2016 | Food & Drink
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Hi All, my sister-in-law has just given me a recipe for beetroot jelly, she says she can't make enough to keep up with demand from her family, what I was wondering was, as it has white wine vinegar in, if I made it in sealed jars how long would it last as there is only my husband and myself. Thanks all


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is it made like a fruit jelly with pectin or like the US jellies, made with gelatine? If its a pectin based jelly, it will keep for at least a year if you are careful to sterilise the jars and pot it hot.I am still eating last year’s crab apple jelly and its fine. If its a gelatine based recipe then it won’t keep more than a week or so as the gelatine deteriorates and then the jelly goes weepy.
Sounds interesting..
I agree with woof's comments and would add that, if gelatine is used as a setting-agent....once opened, the contents will grow moulds quite quickly, even when refrigerated.
langara I have just had another thought, which should have mentioned before. I love home made stuff but live alone so I make very small amounts at a time....two or three small jars maybe. I also pot into small jars so the pickle/chutney/jelly isn’t open for so long. Its usually very easy to downscale the recipe and it has the added bonus that any boiling takes less time.
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Thanks all, just to answer a question, it is made with a normal raspberry jelly, am going to have a go tomorrow, will let you know how it tastes.
so gelatine based? short storage then. I would say a week tops in the fridge. make sure you serve it with a clean spoon to avoid contaminating it.

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Beetroot Jelly

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