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jack daniels | 11:29 Tue 23rd Aug 2016 | Food & Drink
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Hello Abers

I'm wondering if you good coffee drinkers can help with their expertise.
I drink instant coffee, normally Douwe Egberts, Kenco smooth or Kenco rich, occassionally I like stovetop coffee too.
I would like to know if any of the Abers on here can recommenda Tesco's own brand of coffe that is good - not cheap tasting but full of flavour and not bitter.


Anna x


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Tesco gold decaffeinated is pretty good.
Nescafe Azera...lovely.
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Thanks for your replies, danny do they do this WITH caffeine?
I dont like nescafe - I find it bitter and I would like to try Tesco's own brand ummmm

Anna x
Nescafe Azera isn't bitter: voted best wholebean instant coffee recently.
If you 'must' have Tesco own brand, one of theirs came 3rd on the same list:
Jack, yes they do it with caffeine but I haven't tasted it so don't know how it tastes.
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"I don't like Nescafe...I find it bitter"....Nescafe does many, many different instant coffees - you surely can't find them all bitter?
I like their Alta Rica....strong but not bitter. It's on offer in Tesco at the moment.
I rather like Nescafe Blend 37 but it isn't found everywhere so it comes from Amazon on a monthly deal which is cheaper than going to Sainsburys for it
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Tried Alta Rica and although it may not be bitter - i didn't like the taste
There's food for thought though with these suggestions
I got to try Nescafe gold which wasn't too bad
yeasr ago i didnt mind coffee with chicory but dont know if you can still get it or whether i'd even like it now. Tried camp coffee and thats not too bad but an acquired taste i think - mainly use that in cooking
keep your suggestions coming in - i'd like to see what else is good

Anna x
Try Nescafé Cap Colombie if you didn't like Alta Rica. Much smoother ...
We have a dark roast instant coffee from Sainsbury's which isn't bitter but I don't know about the Tesco varieties. My experience suggests avoiding any of the Gold coffees, they are all tasteless. Or more to the point have a bit of an after taste. Made to sound good, but very unacceptable.
On the recommendation from a poster on here I bought some Nescafé Azera and I am NOT impressed. Nothing wrong with the coffee, it's the packaging. It took me 15 minutes to get the lid off and then I couldn't put the damn thing back on again. Why can't they sell it in a jar?

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