Oops. Pickling Error. I Cooked The Beetroot In Vinegar

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Quizproquo | 20:21 Fri 08th Jul 2016 | Food & Drink
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Well I am not the sort to go the logical route and watch a video or something, so I decided to pickle the beetroot a neighbour gave to me. I peeled it, cut it into cubes then simmered it in vinegar.
Will it still be edible?


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I'd guess, as much as beetroot ever is.
One way to find out. It ain't going to be poisonous. Try some now and try more after leaving it to pickle. Let us know the results.
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I've shut the jar now Old_Geezer.
I don't ever know how long to leave it before opening the jar again.
At the moment, it's Schrodinger's beetroot.
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HAH!! Brilliant!
Now is this beetroot going to be any good or not folks? One of you must know.
Beetroot that goes anywhere near vinegar is NEVER any good!
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Well I can't agree with that diddlydo.
Looks like no-one knows. I guess I'll find out when I open it.

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Oops. Pickling Error. I Cooked The Beetroot In Vinegar

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