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jack daniels | 16:42 Mon 13th Jun 2016 | Food & Drink
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just wondering what other people do with their salt usage

Hi Abers

i season all of my cooking to taste but don't add salt if i'm boiling vegetables.
we have salt and pepper on the table but i tend to use just the pepper and the other JD's may or may not use it. we use a lot of herbs too.

i'm wondering if you add salt to your cooking, miss it out altogether or each person adds accordingly.

i avoid ready meals as much as i can since i find them quite salty but i'm more wondering about your general use

tia Anna x


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I never add salt to veg. when cooking and it is rare that I add it to anything else. I put salt on the table and people can ad or not as they wish.
The only time I use salt Anna is when it's icy underfoot and I use it to melt the ice in the back yard!
I always add salt to veggies and casseroles etc. Not too much though. All the chefs you see on tv, season their veggies and dishes.
Never to anything, except salt and vinegar on chips.
I usually put salt in pasta and rice while cooking. I add salt to my porridge and fried eggs but nothing else. We don't keep it on the table.
I was taught to add salt as you cook not afterwards and that is what I do.
Have you ever tasted, unsalted butter? Yuck!
The problem with that, Islay, is that no-one who eats the food has an option as to how much they ingest. I was also taught to cook with salt, but changed over 30 years ago. My late mother-in-law used to make appallingly salty pastry - quite spoiled her pies.
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thanks for your quick replies - it's interesting to see what people do.
pixie - do you not add salt at all to your cooking? do you not find it under seasoned?
viv - i like your answer lol

Anna x
Salted's "yuck" from me!
I season as I cook, including vegetables.

Salt very rarely makes an appearance on the table.
I put salt in potatoes, if I am going to mash them. I also use salt when cooking pasta and rice. Nothing else gets salted, apart from chips and fried eggs.
None at all, Anna. I use other herbs, etc. But was always taught salt is the most unhealthy thing to add and nearly everyone has too much. It just depends what you're used to, I think.
Jourdain if you cook properly the salt enhances your food as you cook not smother or lay on top.
I had some visitors recently who asked for pepper and salt and sprinkled both liberally on their food before they had even tasted it. One of them even put salt on a salad!
But Islay, the people who eat your food have no choice about how much salt they eat.....When I cook just for myself, i salt as I go but if I am cooking for more than me then I reduce the salt way down or leave it out all together so people have more choice.
If they are eating my food then the get it how I prepare it. If they don't like it they don't have to eat it!
I usually add a little salt to potatoes, however cooked, and to rice.

I loved both salted and unsalted butter. You rarely find salted butter in France, unsalted goes so well with proper French bread.

A little salt on a salad is ok if there is none in the dressing.

Many ready meals are far too salty.
Salt on a salad OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! The very few occasions salt appears on my table is when I serve a tomato salad, baked potatoes or chis and fips.
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i'd never use salt on a salad but would use coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper on fresh sliced tomatoes.
i also cant understand it when people put salt & pepper on their food before they've even tasted it
i like to use unsalted butter when making pancakes but otherwise i use salted.
my OH eats saltier food then i do but over the years he got used to the lesser amount that i put in food.
many years ago my dad use to slice up a granny smith apple and sprinkle salt on it (and sometimes chilli powder) which i quite liked but not done that or fancy it now.

Anna x

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