Sunday Lunch/tea/dinner/supper.....

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EcclesCake | 20:02 Sun 31st Jan 2016 | Food & Drink
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What has/will entice you today?

Cake Towers has a chook roasting to be served with roasted parsnips and shallots and steamed broccoli. Pud will be STP and cream.

Hearty food for a chilly day.


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Yes please :)
dontcha have tea late?
It's coz it's lighter for longer down there, B00......
They're nearer the equator!

I had Makhani Chicken with fragrant Jasmine Rice.....and made Mrs JtH Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and noodles.
Steak, onion and mushroom casserole, new potatoes, mange tout and purple sprouting wotsit.
Very late indeed. I had roast chicken and all the trimmings. Just about to make myself a chicken and cranberry sauce sarnie.
Question Author
Ooh, I fancy a curry, haven't had one for ages.

Funny that, give how much closer to the equator that I am ;-)
Had roast pork with loadsa veg, roast pots, roast parsnips and yorkshires. That was five hours ago and I'm still full!

Steamed treacle pud?
My guess, Sticky Toffee Pudding.
We are having N.O.W.T. for pudding.
Question Author
Sticky toffee pudding.

Gods gift to winter desserts.
Ah, most likely.
The only other STP I could think of was:
Toad in the hole made with turkey sausages, not entirely successful but edible served with baby boileds and broccoli and gravy.
There are 3 peeps who like broccoli?

Love broccoli - whats wrong with it?
I think I might go up the chippy.
Your chippy is open on a Sunday????
Tony, tell Islay what's wrong with broccoli please.
oi oi saveloy
Islay, your wrong about broccoli ;-)

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Sunday Lunch/tea/dinner/supper.....

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