New Stainless Steel Pot Has Sticky Film On It, Need Advise To Remove It.

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dieseldick | 12:34 Sun 27th Dec 2015 | Food & Drink
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bought new stainless steel pot last week £30. i watched a few youtube videos to teach me to season it, i followed them .

so i thought the pot was seasoned, fried some garlic potoatoes last night and they stuck to bottom.

discusted !!! what should i do.



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You will need to soak the pan in water and washing up liquid for at least a day. Then ease off as much residue as you can, with a soft implement such as a plastic spoon or your fingernails. Then empty out the water and sprinkle in a thick coating of bicarb. Use a 'green and yellow' washing up sponge to gently scour using the bicarb as an abrasive. Re-season the pot afterwards and in future when cooking anything, soak the pot while it's still hot (not straight off the heat but soon after).
Why are you seasoning a stainless steel pot?
When frying in a seasoned pan or pot make sure that the pan is really hot before putting in the oil, medium to high heat. But I do agree with 'ummmm', why would you season a stainless steel pot? Cast iron needs to be seasoned!
I didn't think stainless steel pans claim to be non stick nor did I think they had a coating on them. I'd suggest you just had it too hot for frying.
D D you do NOT season a stainless steel pan. That is for cast iron.
You have just burnt on the potatoes. You used too high a temperature to fry them so they burnt.
Stainless steel is not porous like cast iron so cannot be 'seasoned' in the same way. You can season cast iron skillets by wiping over the interior with cooking oil and leaving it on a very low heat to form a coating of varnish which acts as a non -stick layer .
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Why are you seasoning a stainless steel pot?

i dont know, hence the question, i thought you needed to season a " stainless steel pot " if i did not season it then it would stick even worse.

but i dont know so thats why i am asking the experts
DD you do NOT season a stainless steel pan. You just use it as it is.
Any pan will stick if you use too high a heat for cooking or frying.
As we have said a cast iron pan does need to be seasoned and then cleaned correctly. What oil did you use for the frying ? I am just wondering if you tried to 'dry fry' the spuds , that would not work,you need oil.
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i use walnut oil to fry, i have read that stainless steel pans need to be on high heat before cooking to avoid sticking. i have also read and watched numerous youtube videos that stainless steel pans need to be seasoned.
Walnut oil is best for dressings, it doesn't have a good flash point for frying, is strongly flavoured and expensive.

I cannot imagine a website recommending seasoning stainless steel, carbon steel makes much more sense.
Walnut oil for frying? At high temperatures? wonder you had problems!
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" Walnut oil for frying? At high temperatures? wonder you had problems!"

really ? i dont know. why

Don't suppose the sticky stuff was a protective clingfilm type shrinkwrap was it?
Walnut oil is for dressing, it has far too low a smoke point for frying.
Use Rape seed oil, far better and much cheaper.
The sticky film is degraded (burnt) walnut oil, you will have to scrub it off and start again with rape seed or ground nut oil NOT walnut oil! Keep any walnut oil you have left for salad dressing.
I work in a pro kitchen where we cook 1,000 meals a day and have 30 cast iron woks (all seasoned) we always use rapeseed oil it never sticks.
One tip to clean the pan, fill it to above the sticky part with water and biological washing powder , then boil it gently for 30 mins, rinse and the residue should wash out easily, repeat if necessary.Use bio washing powder the sort you use to wash clothes not washing up liquid.
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good info. thanks

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New Stainless Steel Pot Has Sticky Film On It, Need Advise To Remove It.

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