Help Please.?? Made My Christmas Puddings Yesterday... Moved Them Today And Dropped One

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lilacben | 20:15 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | Food & Drink
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it was in a glass basin and smashed on one its side. The glass has been removed from what went into the pudding....and I have also cut the edges and top of... Now do you think I can put it into another basin and cover ect again... then cook more on christmas day or will it be spoilt because the air has now got into it.? My mum used to say she wouldnt put a new cloth top on until she is going to cook it for its remaining time on christmas day as it would go off .?


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I'm sure it will be just fine.
I'm no expert here 'cos I've never made a Christmas pud in my life.

However I do know that I can buy a 'serves 4' size Christmas pud in the shops, cut a quarter out of it, microwave it and put the rest into a cupboard for a week or two, then use another quarter (again storing the remainder for a week or two) and so on. The last bit always tastes as good as the first bit! (So my guess is that you'll have no problems by simply transferring your pud to a fresh bowl).
I wouldn't take the risk of missing a shard of glass in the pud be safe bin it
I'd bin it as well.
so would I.
I'd bin it also. Sorry.
I'm afraid there is no way I would risk the smallest shard of glass having got into it.

I'd throw it away without a second glance.

I agree, it's safe as far as reheating goes, but you can't be sure there is not a tiny sliver of glass inside it. Bin it & make a new one.
I'd bin it too.
Another vote for the bin. Minute pieces of glass always come away when it breaks and the eye can't always see them.
I wouldn't dream of serving anything that had broken glass anywhere near it - would you really risk someone getting a very serious injury?
That problem seems to have bin solved.
Cor! Byn it...

Another vote for the bin here I'm afraid, wouldn't even think of eating it, too risky!
Bin it
I noted you say that you'd made you Christmas puddings, rather than pudding. Can you manage with one less?

I am begging you to throw it away. Life is too short to risk serving this poor pudding.

How about making an alternative dessert this year to replace it ?

A Christmas ice cream bomb? A pear and cranberry tarte? Chocolate roulade?
I know you said that you cut the edges and top off, but my first thoughts was, why take the risk, too. Is what's left of it that valuable that you must consume it ? Sorry, I'm sure it wasn't what you wanted to be told.

If desperate to have enough Xmas pud, well another batch today is a possibility. The dusting and vacuuming can skip a go.
Definitely bin it - when I have dropped glasses I would have lifted every single piece I could find yet days later little shards would pop up. Too dangerous.
Bin it lilac. Not worth the risk.

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Help Please.?? Made My Christmas Puddings Yesterday... Moved Them Today And Dropped One

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