Oh Dear - Hold Onto Your Breakfast

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Mosaic | 09:54 Sat 28th Nov 2015 | Food & Drink
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An article in the news about feeding pigs and chickens on mashed maggots.

Now I know if left to forage both these animals will eat anything including poo and each other, but this article touched my 'I can never eat maggots knowingly' nerve.

How will I know whether what I'm buying has been fed on (stops to go and puke)


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And they're used to catch fish. The last time you ate a lovely fishy it's last meal was probably a maggot.
I hope you don't like seafood then cos most crabs and lobsters live on poo.....
Well I never Ummmm all that Cod and Haddock caught by fisherman with their little hooks hanging overboard -and here's me thinking they used trawl nets....
Most old trouts are attracted by maggots ...
Question Author
Retrochic I've really gone off prawns in recent years because they look so much like maggots.

Ummm, I really do know how much we depend on maggots and poo and stuff but I think in this instance its the notion of the scale, and the industrialisation of it.

A trawlerman told me about the horrible things they find on mackerel....heads in condoms and all sorts....but at least that's an animal that's had a chance to go after other food as well

The thought of stalled animals being fed on...hang on the stomach's rising again
Some people do actually catch their own fish...and shock, horror, they eat them!
sunny dave you do not attract me in the least....;-)
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You know Ummm, I'm not at all worried by hunting and fishing for eating, if you see what I mean. As I said, I think what's grossing me out is this being the 'final solution' for industrialised stall of cage fed animals.
Can't be right.
Mosaic there are a lot of 'could's and 'maybe's' in that article and it may never happen. You should be more worried about the worms in cod and haddock - I found a large worm in a piece of Cod bought in Sainsbury's - I have never eaten cod since . The manager told me it was 'normal' and would not harm humans ....and gave me a sheet on the life cycle of the worm. 'Shudder'
I had a worm thingy in an oyster. It was still alive!
Regarding worms in Cod, it is well known in Scotland on the coasts not too eat cod because of the worms!
Regarding Retrochics waspish remark to Ummm regarding linecaught fish, in the world of catering linecaught fish is up there with handdived scallops!
now I really feel sick - I love fresh oysters.
Question Author
Butterbeans are the answer. Buy them dried. No maggots involved.
Shall we all become veggies? We may as well if we are to worry about foreign things in our food. We should be concerned that what we eat,eats as natural a diet as possible for its species...not just what will fatten it quickly for market.
I've found plenty of wildlife in my homegrown veggies . There is no way to get away creepy crawlies
There was mention last week of insect protein as a food source for humans. The pigs are the insects and we eat the pigs.
Vegetarianism seems more attractive by the day.
We've had pigs in the past and they eat anything and everything. hens do to. The problem is not what they eat but how they are reared in captivity. I'm sure the free range porkers that live in huts near us eat the odd worm they find in the grass but they have a great (if short) life.
The worm in the oyster looked like a blood worm. Something that I would feed my terrapin.
My chooks get maggots and sometimes meal worms as a treat in winter or when they've gone through a moult.

Excellent source of protein for them.

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Oh Dear - Hold Onto Your Breakfast

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