Mikey ... Cheeers !

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alavahalf | 22:05 Fri 28th Aug 2015 | Food & Drink
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Some time ago I heard Mikey mention .. Malbec as being easily consumed.
Never having heard of Malbec as I dont venture much beyond Shiraz and Tempranillo... I was in Morrisons tonight and there on the corner was a bottle of Malbec ... £4.99 Having since researched Malbec I thought I'm not paying more than £8.00 for a bottle of wine. I seized the opportunity and grabbed it.

You beauty ... it was without doubt the best bottle of wine I have ever tasted !

My new favourite wine is Malbec .... Cheers Mikey

Tommorows list of things to do ...
08.00 .. morrisons for a case of Malbec.


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Morrisons is over the road from me - I'll give it a go!
Just passed it to son, no Morrisons here, sadly
Malbec is, have had a really good Argentinian from Waitrose.
Totally agree. About ten years ago a neighbour went on holiday to Argentina and brought me back a bottle of Malbec. Never tasted it before but have to say it was the best wine I had ever come across.
The name was Marta's (not Martha's) Vineyard. Pretty expensive but worth shelling out for now and again.
One of my sons thinks Argentinian Malbec is the dogs doodas. Personally I can't see the appeal, it's too dry and overpowering for my taste. I like a full bodied red wine but am really not keen on Malbec.
Keep an eye out for their 25% off when you buy 6bottles. Don't think it's on at the moment, but they have them quite regularly
Yes the 25% off 6 bottles is currently on - until close of play tomorrow Id think I've got my 6 - Morrisons' employee with extra 10% staff discount :0)))
Can't get better than that Captain! I always buy my Prosecco when they have the deal on - will nip down tomorrow!

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Mikey ... Cheeers !

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