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hammerman | 20:11 Wed 03rd Jun 2015 | Food & Drink
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Bought loads of Brisket for silly money from Tesco today. Never cooked it before.

Slow cooker ? stew ?

Any suggestions welcome


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Pot roast
Shredded spiced beef for tacos, enchiladas, empanadas etc
Very slowly in a closed pot in the oven - with carrots, onions, red wine and some black peppercorns - doesn't need anything fancy.

Serve with baked spuds & fried shredded green stuff.
In my very poor days (young married, kids) I discovered that you could slow-roast brisket and it tastes very good indeed! Seriously, honest!

It kept us going anyway. Nowadays people would probably use it solely for pot-roasts etc.. (It makes a brilliant pot-roast.) Haven't used it for slow-cooker stew things - I don't think they were invented then- but it would probably be very good.
Always roast brisket .... lovely
Pop in slow cooker on top of and onion halved, carrot cut in half length ways, 300ml of red wine, bay leaf and beef stock pot, (no water). On low for 8 hours, remove beef and bay leaf, blend up onion and carrot to made a gravy.
wouldn't buy it for all the world in China -omg
Really? It's a very tasty cut, I love it.

I always make a big pan of broth from the cooking stock and then press the meat between weights, sliced thinly on granary bread with mustard or horseradish - my lot clamour for it.

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