Saint Agur Cheese

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jack daniels | 17:55 Thu 28th May 2015 | Food & Drink
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I bought this for the first time but I am unsure of the way it looks, it tastes ok but i'm finding the consistency runnier then I thought it would be and the colour of it is greyish - I thought it was meant to be white but like I said its the first time I've bought it.
I tried to contact the company (where they make the cheese) and asked to be put through to customer services, she put me through to 'someone who could help' and I got a message saying they were unavailable until a certain date but there was an emergency number I could call. I couldn't hear the message properly and left it at that.

who's had this cheese before and is this how its suppose to look?

Anna x


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What you've described sounds like the St Agur I've bought and eaten......and the past :-)
pale blue where the mould is, a creamy colour, a very slight hint of grey to it, when fresh - as here....
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thanks for your swift replies - sorry I should have said it's in a plastic container - more like a 'dip' consistency

I must admit the block looks yum

Anna x
You've bought the whipped up spread type.

That looks even more grey because the blue veining has been whipped into the white of the cheese.

It's as it is meant to be, nothing to worry about.
Get the real thing next time, it's delish and for a more local equivalent, the Cashel from Ireland is fab.
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thanks guys, I will get the block next time, for some reason I'm really io blue cheese at the moment and also love brie, have been trying different ones of that too

Anna x
It's really nice as a dip with celery :-)
Had any Roquefort yet - get a good one if you haven't - now that is delish - not cheap though....just remember the good things in life cost, especially if they are French. Some of the Italian Gorgonzolas are really good too - and a lot cheaper.
then there is this, magnificent cheese, esp if you like unctuous and well worth finding a bol or half bol.....
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DTCwordfan ive tried Roquefort and some Gorgonzola which I really liked. I also tried the cornish brie which was good too.

Anna x
Have you tried cambozola yet. It's lovely, most supermarkets sell it.
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id forgotten the name of this one MargoTester and cambozola was yumnks

Anna x
Question Author
*yum - got carried away into cambozola land lol
hi anna, i love st agur and know the one you mean, its more of a dippy consistency than a soft cheese - lovely with olive bread

M&S do a lovely one blacksticks blue - worth trying
I agree Mccfluff - Blacsticks Blue is delicious, again most supermarkets sell it. Cheese is my big downfall!
is it av elsewhere. i thought it was just a m&s thing, will have a look now!
Cambozola is rubbish and for people who don't really like proper cheese
I love cambozola also( sorry for my lack of taste;-) )...and St Agur is one I can eat straight out of the pack. M&S do a Torte di Gorgonzola... Gorgonzola layered with marscapone. Mmmmm!

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Saint Agur Cheese

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