I Just Had To Post This. Crazy Russian Hacker,has Anyone Used His Tips?

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Broseph | 15:24 Sat 25th Apr 2015 | Food & Drink
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I came across this guy the other day and watched a few of his videos and found him funny and informative.

Look at this great way to cook the perfect egg and there's another one where he explains that the best way to eat muffins is by cutting the muffin in half and using the bottom layer to put on the icing so that you have a muffin sandwich where you have the creamy,chocolately layer in the middle instead of the top so that it's more tasty and you're more inclined to eat it rather than eat the top and then are left with that thick dry uniced layer. (I've actually done this and it's a great hack)


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Hardly perfect, he burst the first two yolks on cracking. Shocking!
I use egg rings - even have a heart shaped one, perfect yolks too.
What's so hard about frying an egg?

Agree with the egg rings, Mamy, they look so much better. I double yolk mine :-)
I often do too, whites aren't much fun are they?
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I should have said I liked onions with my eggs so this is perfect for me and other egg and onion lovers.
Good for you Bro - I don't care for onion/egg combo.

Eggcistenialism Maj?
No...the whites are just texture in my opinion.
Raw red onion is nice with a egg mayo sandwich filling.
Not bad with raw ala salady agreed.

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I Just Had To Post This. Crazy Russian Hacker,has Anyone Used His Tips?

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