Who Made Puffed Wheat Beta Bars In The 90's? Uk.

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gordyagusta | 21:04 Mon 23rd Mar 2015 | Food & Drink
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My son raised the question about a cereal snack bar he remembers as a kid from the 90's.
A puffed wheat bar coated in a sort of toffee apple type candy.
The name Beta Bar came up but we can not find a wrapper to confirm this.

Anyone help?


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if so, Healthspan......
Question Author
DTC, nope that's not it. It was a confectionery bar more like a version of Kelloggs Squares
Tate & Lyle's Promoat bar....
Question Author
Nope DTC , its not that either. He would have been less than 10yrs old, just can't see him eating something like that at that age. It was definitely a confectionery bar sold in the sweet shop.
Thanks for your efforts though.
UK or USA?
I remember them! Betta Bars, made from puffed wheat in a sticky syrup...gorgeous !! I miss them so much....
that's not them DTC
Betta Bars. Mmmmmmm
Made by Swizzles Matlow, Derbyshire
Question Author
DTC, is UK and its not Carnation either.

Purple Popple, you are thinking the same thing but we cannot think who made them or find a wrapper to confirm this either...

Not the first time someone has asked ....
Agree it was Matlows.
Question Author
Many thanks everybody, however I am no closer to finding a picture of the wrapper. I have emailed Swizzel Matlow in the hope that they can provide me with one, if they do I will post a copy here for the sake of the nostalgic amongst us.
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