I'm Hungry....

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EcclesCake | 17:22 Thu 01st Jan 2015 | Food & Drink
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.....but too flippin' idle to get off my backside and make supper preparations.

I've got the menu sorted if anyone has the the inclination to deliver it.

We really should have gone to bed earlier this morning/last night :-(


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My dinner is all precooked/prepped. I pre cook anything that is okay to be heated up. All I have to do now is put the roasties and cauliflower cheese in. When HE wakes up from his snooze!!!
We're on turkey curry :-(
I have a roast on the go. I'm hungry but after scouring the kitchen have found that all the nibbles have gone! Oh well, it's probably a good thing
If you like Chinese curry B00, try this.. User Recommendation
Our turkey curry had finally gone. Add spinach and paneer, it works a treat
S'no good to me now issit ummm eh? Not when I've a jar of tika masala waiting on work top! ;-)

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ooh, I quite fancy a curry......happy to help you out Boo.

I might have sorted tomorrow's supper :-)

I wish I had some tarragon, I fancy a Bearnaise sauce with my roast chook.
No...but look at the price and it tastes just the same as the takeaway. It does, depending how much you eat, about 15-20 portions.
15-20 portions?? I do not eat that much! Who have you been talking to eh? It's lies, all lies!

Everything ready to go for a roast pork dins, just need the motivation to do it.

Prosecco last night was too good.
I was talking to McFluff :-D
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It's really not the best way to start the new year, all this antipathy and idleness ;-/

I'm battling the snooze demons to allow me to sort some kind of garlic 'shroom starter.
New Years Day doesn't count :-)
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I'm glad that NYD doesn't count as I have been a total Slack Alice today.

I just had cheese and biscuits and chutney - a relief after days of 'proper meals'.

I may have a bit of pork pie later ... or I may not ...
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pork pie and piccalilli.....yum!
Ah - I knew there was something missing ... I wonder who I can tap for a replacement jar ... :)
I don't like porkpie. I wish I did because it's a handy snack.

He's awake. My spuds are in the oven :-)
I've got some belly pork in the slow cooker...with soy and fish sauce,chillies,garlic,coriander...and halved plum tomatoes added later. One of my favourites.
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That sounds nice Pasta, not sure about the tomatoes but can see they would act as a tenderiser.

Ummmm, it took me years to find a pork pie that was edible...I abhor meat hidden in pastry...who knows what nasties are lurking.....

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