What should I eat tonight?

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crgb14 | 20:47 Sat 03rd Sep 2005 | Food & Drink
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What should I make for my dinner tonight. I can't cook and there's just me and I'm sick of anything on toast.


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How about an omelette,  anyone can cook one of those!!  Crack 4 eggs into a bowl,  whisk them up ,  chuck them in a non stick pan,  wait until they are half cooked then add whatever you like,  cheese, bacon, onions etc etc.  Brown off the top under the grill and that's it :o)
go get a kebab and an 8 pack of stella

I know how you feel crgb14. I find that by far the best solution is to avoid eating alone as much as possible.

Even though I make decent omelettes - not as easy as some make out - I eventually get tired of cooking simple meals. For me, the best part of meals is the social contact I have with others.

If you're going to eat alone, I recommend jacket potatoes (done in the oven for at least an hour) with whatever choice of filling you like (beans, prawn cocktail, tuna & sweetcorn, nice cheese, whatever floats your boat) but I find it motivates me to cook for someone else and when they invite me to eat with them, it's another time I don't have to think about what to cook for one person. I'm just about to post a question about cooking for one person myself.

One last comment - you can eat out quite cheaply at some Indian restaurants. My mate owns one, and when I was out with a friend last night, we ordered a curry to take away and got a lift home into the bargain.

Simple sauce to go with pasta of your choice.  Heat cream in saucepan and add parmesan cheese or/and other cheese until fairly thick.   Then add chopped ham or prawns whatever you feel like and serve with pasta of your choice.  Very simple. 
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Don't get me wrong its not something I have to do on a regular basis (cook for one that is) its just the past few days and i never do it. Thanks for the help tho 'tell-me-more'

Macaroni cheese - the easy way.

Boil a beakerful of dry macaroni in a non stick saucepan for 8 - 10 minutes (see instructions on packet). While it's cooking, grate some mature cheddar cheese.  Drain macaroni when cooked.  Return it to saucepan, stir in the cheese and mix until it's melted.  (If you like you can also add some chopped onion to the macaroni while it's cooking.

Jamie Oliver has a good idea !!      make a large envelope /bag from foil by placing 2 pieces on top of each other fold 3 sides in and leave 1 open, so its like a bag !! place on a baking tin.. Then in a bowl place a chicken breast, mushrooms chopped,clove of garlic, chunk of butter and a glass of white wine or cider, mix this all up in the bowl then but in your foil bag , place in preheated oven 220oC or gas 7. for about 40 mins... instant meal.... you can vary what you place in foil bag can add herbs or use different veg....

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What should I eat tonight?

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