Baked Alaska

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jennyjoan | 16:30 Tue 25th Nov 2014 | Food & Drink
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Could anybody give the receipe for baked alaska in minute details.

Also to be baked in the oven at what temperature and not by torch etc.

Have perused some on the food sites but they change.

Do appreciate this. Thank you.

PS - Want to be able to do one for a Christmas party.


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Take a square or round sponge cake and cut to about 1 inch thick spread with raspberry or strawberry jam,place sponge on ovenproof dish

about an hour before serving you must only use real icecream not soft scoop take from freezer and cut it to fit on top of sponge ( I use an oblong piece of sponge and just plonk the block ice cream on top.PUT BACK INTO FREEZER but for no more than one hour

Make a meringue by whisking 3 egg whites with 3 ounces of caster sugar and half a teaspoon of vinaigre until it stands in soft peaks -put in fridge until needed

while having main course put oven onto highest temperature possible usually 225c, When ready to assemble take sponge and ice cream out of freezer,coat completely with meringue and using fork make it look like snow peaks. Put in hot oven for approx 5 minutes until meringue starts to brown.

For something of a twist, sprinkle the sponge with kirsch and use cherry jam.
Just to add ........ Make sure all of the ice cream and sponge is fully covered ..... No little gaps.
then give it all to me !!
Just to be clear this is a dessert that you are going to prepare, cook and serve in your own home isn't it?

I'd think twice or more before considering making, baking and trying to travel with it......
Be careful with the after effects - and the alcohol, Conne.....
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lovely dtc -

one dopey question I need to ask - when you are working with the icecream and sponge - do you WRAP the icecream with the sponge - and then meringue that - or after freezing icecream do you WRAP the meringue around the icecream. thanks for any answers.
The sponge is on the bottom then the ice cream flat on top of the sponge. That is vital as the sponge insulates the ice cream from the hot oven. You then coat the whole thing, sponge and ice cream, with the meringue making sure there are no holes in the meringue covering.
Well, I whisk the egg whites until stiff, then slowly whisk in the sugar until it's firm and glossy, doesn't fall off the whisk is my test.

Slice the cake (have you ever tried Xmas cake minus the icing?) and then arrange on a baking parchment-lined baking sheet. Make it round, the same size as the top of the ice-cream bowl.

Press these together well to make sure there aren’t any gaps.

Lift ice cream out of bowl, remove cling film and turn onto the cake.

Spread the meringue evenly over the ice cream and cake, making sure there are no gaps! Then bake some 4-5 mins until you are happy with the colour.

A stiff glass or two of a Tokaji dessert wine 5* or 6*(even better) goes really well.
I still think it is worth confirming that this is a dish that JJ is going to cook at home, trying to travel with is not an easy or appetising option.....
U tube video of how to make Baked Alaska here
You could cheat by getting an 'Arctic Roll' and coating that with meringue!
I bet it would work!
Just found this Arctic Roll baked alaska has already been done, simple and it works,

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Baked Alaska

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