Homemade Butter.

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bloomwood | 15:37 Thu 02nd Oct 2014 | Food & Drink
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Just been watching Jamie Oliver making butter, never realised it was so simple but, he never said how long you could keep it in the fridge before it goes off, anyone any idea, thanks.


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Should last a couple of weeks in Fridge, keep away from strong smelling foods.

You can also freeze it in blocks for a few months if you make a large batch.
Useful link for shop bought Butter - home made won't last as long.
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Thanks Mamyalynne, I might give it a try, small amount first, just to see what it's like, I like the idea of making your own butter, never realised you just had to over whisk cream and add a bit salt.
Good luck with it, am sure it will be fine.
I seem to remember making butter in primary school but sticking cream in a jam jar and shaking the life out of it..?
I also recall making it in primary school, but too long ago to recall how we churned the cream. And there again, those were the days when we all had ⅓ of a pint of milk each at morning break. Minus the creamy bit that day.
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Thanks for replys, will give it a go tomorrow when I've bought cream.
It freezes really well. I used to work for a catering firm and all the butter was frozen. Freeze it in an icecube tray. It defrosts really quickly.
Bloomwood did you make your own butter yet? How did it go?

I wonder if you made the butter with garlic or herbs would it last longer and taste better than normal butter?
I'm going to make some tonight. I'll keep the butter milk for making soda bread.
I used to make butter years ago and it kept ok in the freezer.
always made clotted cream and butter when I cold unlimited green milk from the farm. lovely stuff. good luck with your efforts.
Which method did you guys use to make butter/clotted cream and how does it compare to shop bought?
skimming and letting it settle.
I haven't done mine yet :-)

LJ...all the internet recipes are more or less the same. Over whisk double cream until it separates and there you have butter and butter milk.
Well good luck ummm :)

Ladyjanine I have no idea what that means but will check youtube out in a mo as there's been countless times I've ran out of butter and then had make do with a dry tuna or cheese sandwich whilst I've had milk in the fridge unbeknown to me the building block of the freshest butter if I had known how to make it.

Could I also make cheese is is that running before I can walk?
I'm getting there. I only have a small electric whisk so my arms aching.

(off to Amazon to look up mixers)

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Homemade Butter.

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