Christmas Fayre

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Xollob | 08:40 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Food & Drink
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Yesterday (August 25) I spotted the first stacks of Christmas goodies (marzipan stollen and gingerbread) in my local supermarket (Germany).

Is this a world record?


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Germany is your local Supermarket?

"Just popping to Germany dear, do we need anything apart from milk?"

Nope 'fraid not, we've had hristmas stuff in some shops for weeks (UK)  I Love Christmas!!
lol @ natalie_1982
Christmas stuff obviously not hristmas, Doh
It's probably last years stock!

No!! Last March one of the local pubs was advertising their off-licence shop - saying shop early for Christmas and they were taking orders.  Agh.

Also, the shop on the corner near where I work has a  shelf that has Christmas stuff on it the whole year round, it's terrible!

Our local Spar is selling roasting trays with Xmas designs all over them.
today while shopping I saw many-a-christmas card
They are already playing Christmas music in our local supermarket and tomorrow we are having turkey for dinner. 
2 years ago our bank HSBC put up a huge Xmas tree complete with baubles and fairy lights..In July!  We asked the assistant manager "Why" His reply? To get the customers into a "A think about Xmas expense mode". Somone informed the local newspaper who took a pic of the tree,complainant and manager. The tree was taken down by order of HSBC's head office. July,I ask you!

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Christmas Fayre

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