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xanadu | 23:43 Wed 24th Aug 2005 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone know where I can purchase Chevalier De Bayard red merlot in the UK? I've tried online searches for it and no one seems to stock it.



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If you mean  Chevalier de Bayard, a  southern French Vin de Pays from L'Herault (rather than the similarly named Cave du Chevalier Bayard from Switzerland), then I have some bad news for you.

Chevalier de Bayard is a label exclusive to a company called Pieroth, who sell via tastings in customer's houses. You'll have to contact Pieroth via email or web at

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The wines is a typical blend of Grenache, Carignan and Cinsaut.  There are many excellent similar wines available from supermarkets and wine shops at probably better prices where you won't have to commit to buying a case.

A fact sheet on the wine is here< /P>

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Thank's for the info Pinotage.  It is the Southern French Vin I've been looking for.  My niece who is a vetinary nurse was given a bottle as a gift from a gratefull pet owner. I had a couple of glasses and really enjoyed it. Could you possibly recommend some wines that have the same light fruity taste.  I don't really know anything about wine and have ended up buying wine that has been described as soft and fruity and it has been really dry.


Hi, I just got a case from a company called Pieroth... they are based in Germany but they have reps in the UK.  go to and go on the UK site... there are contacts on there... very good service.

This wine is wondeful... it worked out at �8.99 + VAT per bottle and a carriage charge of �5.50. 

Their white wine is excellent too!

hope this helps.

Reps come you your home and do a wine tasing.. no obligation to buy.. but guess what.. it was so nice I bought a case

If you need any more info.. please mail me


Pieroth of whom i am a representative stock a wonderful range of QUALITY wines. In addition to this they allow you to taste before you buy. On checking the majority of vineyeards own web sites i frind that Perioth are significantly cheaper in price and better in service than most vineyards. You can contact me on 07 746 436 686 to get a local representative to take your orders.

Best wishes and happy sampling.

If anyone is interested in Pieroth wines contact me on

I am the Chester and N. Wales rep for the company.
Hi I work for Pieroth telesales and we still sell the chevalier de bayard. We actually do a red and rose version. If anyone is still interested get in touch as we also specialise in sweet reds aswell.
I can get you some if you are still interested
The price is � 8.99 + V.A.T. per bottle
12 bottle case will be �133.75 inclusive of delivery (5.95) and V.A.T. (17.5%)

If you need some for Xmas delivery,please contact me asap

At the moment we are doing an offer on chevalier de bayard rouge at �8.99 plus postage and vat but we will give you 2 on top for free for xmas. If anyone is interested I distribute to the whole of the UK and you can contact me on

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Chevalier de Bayard

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