Juicer Recipes? Bought One And Ready To Go!

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Peaspeculiars | 12:31 Sat 09th Aug 2014 | Food & Drink
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Afternoon All, hope you are having a good Saturday.

Postie has just dropped off my new whole fruit juicer and I have had a play with a Grapefruit, Watermelon, Apple & Orange combination - lovely, if a little sour :os
Have any of the AB culinary geniuses got a a tried and tested juicer recipe that I could try?

Am off to the market tomorrow to stock up on fruit & veg so any recipe suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
Peas x


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Buy the book 'The Juice Master" by Jason Vale. Over a hundred recipes.
My favourite is carrot apple and Ginger
Question Author
..searches for 'The Juice Master' on ebay...

cheers, will look out for that and will definitely have a go at the carrot apple & ginger - sounds good
I've toyed with the idea of getting a juicer, but I can't see myself continually carrying loads of fruit (and veg) back from the supermarket every week to keep feeding it. (Not to mention continually washing it up.) I could see it being an ornament in the corner, taking up workspace, before too long. Let us know how you get on with it.
The Juice Master seem to have their own website
The was a juicer stall at the Ealing Jazz Festival a couple of weeks ago. I don't recall the constituents in mine, but it was all fruit and pleasant. My woman opted for a carrot/ginger/spice thing and whilst drinkable I'd not have bought another. Whilst I can not be sure, I think over-use of the veg might have been part of the issue.
mine too grass carp.
general advice is to not mix red things and green things when you juice. The juice might taste fine but it will look brown and disgusting. juicing watermelon can be quite wasteful, you might to better to blitz it in the blender and pour it in afterwards. Citrus fruits are better peeled as the pith can make the juice bitter. If you are a cook, take the zest off first and freeze it.
Question Author
Thanks for the link Frank
Good Tip Woofgang - I think I left too much pith on the grapefruit on the trial-run, thanks
Will do OG, I think it will be definitely more of a summer tool, and hope we don't get bored of it.
The car boot we go to on a sunday has so much cheap fruit and veg it would be rude not to pick a load up on our travels there each week.
I eat a lot of veg, and although I love fruit - it gets stuck in my teeth so this seems like the perfect solution to getting a few more vitamins in each day
I have a totally unused juicer ... Anybody want one? The faf of cleaning it put me off.
Also...juicing gives you a lot of juice(and a LOT of sugar)...and none of the useful fiber.
No expert but the fibre must still be there, you just mustn't sling it away when the juice has been extracted, and add it to your pasta sauce ;-)
Question Author
ooh, that s a good idea, pasta sauce addition -will try that after a savoury juice, ta

Off to check out the sunshine in the garden. Thanks for your answers so far, will check back in later this evening ;o)
Avoid mixing cabbage juice into any others as it will give you comedy flatulence.
If you are going to use the pulp then you must remove pips and so on from the fruit, otherwise it tastes like you have bits of fingernail in your food.
Try 100% carrot, the taste might surprise - at a price that's hard to beat.
Very expensive to run, mine has sat in the cupboard unused for the last few years.
Used mine four times and it is now in the cupboard. Along with the sandwich toaster...
Lol... Used mine once. Had to use a hell of a lot of fruit to get one glassful and it was a faff to clean ..fobbed it off on my son .It's now gathering dust in his cupboard :)
mine washes in the dishwasher so it gets used.
find the best juicer and recipe name ON this blog.

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