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Caribeing | 18:28 Fri 11th Jul 2014 | Food & Drink
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Just had some swede for dinner along with meat and potatoes found it tasteless would prefer turnip!


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I like swede, but depending where you come from a swede's and turnip and a turnip's a swede. :)

Our swede is an orangey colour when cooked, not sure I've ever tasted a turnip.
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I like swede mashed up with butter and with some crispy diced bacon stirred in.
I said a swede was a species of turnip before, and someone pointed out it wasn't. They just look similar which is why they were first called the Swedish turnip when they were imported here.
Swede is delicious, did you just boil it? It's one of my favourite vegetables.

The argument about swedes and turnips depends whether you are in England or Scotland. The yellow-fleshed thing's a turnip in Scotland (o not it's not) whereas a turnip, as any fule knows, is white-fleshed.
Try carrot and Swede mashed (cooked together) with butter and pepper, its the other half's favourite especially with a roast dinner

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