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SRobb | 15:09 Mon 22nd Aug 2005 | Food & Drink
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Does anybody else like the new Sprite Z, Fanta Z, Lilt Z, or Dr Pepper Z drinks?  I'm talking about the new 'lower-calorie' versions, with no ADDED sugar (higher calories than the old Diet brands, but still much less than the ordinary drinks).

I really like the Sprite and Fanta, in fact I can't really tell the difference so I would rather buy them than the full-sugar versions.  But from reading comments on other sites it looks like some people think they taste horrible.  I'm just curious what anyone else thinks.



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I NEVER buy diet drinks but bought the Sprite Z by accident, because it doesn't say diet on it. I could tell at the first sip that it contained artificial sweeteners ie was horrible!
I tried a few free samples. I wouldn't buy it.
hi srobb, my lad likes it and he cant taste the difference either
I think Sprite Z, Fanta Z etc... are FANTASTIC!!!! I have been diabetic for a few years (but otherwise young and healthy) and so for me the 'Z' brand is a godsend! I love Dr Pepper and couldn't drink it again until now. There is still a difference in taste but they are pretty close and I for one am grateful for it. Many people won't switch brands because they are addicted to sugar (they think its to do with the taste...but I assure you its not).

I just hope they introduce a Cherry Coke Z/Diet Cherry coke as this was my fave. Incidently, low/no sugar brands are beginning to outsell the classic full sugar brands in both USA and Europe.
As I am following the Slimming World diet, the normal drinks are too many syns, but the 'Z' ones are free and we can drink then. I love dr pepper, but not been able to drink it on the diet so now im chuffed to bits thats its available in a diet version.

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