Can You Suggest Snacks For 4-5 Year Olds?

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Cmitchell | 20:03 Wed 30th Apr 2014 | Food & Drink
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Hi ABers,

My colleague and I are fresh out of ideas for snacks for the reception kids. This is what we have so far. But we need lots more ideas!

The main problem is that we need to keep fat and sugar low and have no nuts. Cheese strings are too expensive and things like celery go down like a lead balloon.

This is what we have so far.....

Breakfast biscuits
3 x boxes of Mcvities breakfast biscuits (3 different flavours) at £2.29 a box (24 in a box)
TOTAL = £6.87

Soreen banana loaf
6 x Soreen banana Loaf 350g at £1.20 each
1 x 500g Butterlicious Butter/Spread £1.30
TOTAL = £8.50

Cup of cereal with milk
2 x 510g boxes of rice krispies @ £2.00 each
2 x 4pint milk @ £1 each
Class set of plastic cups and spoons
TOTAL = £6.00 (Plus cost of cups and spoons the first week)

Pitta bread with hummous
5 x packs wholemeal pitta bread £0.50p each (6 in a pack)
2 tubs of Sainsbury’s Humous be good to yourself 230g @ 2 for £2
TOTAL = £4.50

Raspberry&Blueberry Ricecakes
6 x Organix 7m+ Finger Foods Raspberry & Blueberry Ricecakes 50g @£1.19 a pack (1 packet for every 10 children)
TOTAL = £7.14

9 x packets of kingsmill waffles at £0.80 each (6 in a box)
TOTAL = £7.20

Garibaldi biscuit
6 packets of Sainsbury;s Garibaldi biscuits at £1 each
TOTAL = £6.00

Farley’s rusk
3 boxes of Farley’s rusks at £1.90p each
TOTAL = £5.70

¼ bell pepper with cream cheese
3 bags of peppers at £1.45 (bag of 4)
2 x basics soft cheese @ 73p each
TOTAL = £5.81

Cucumber spread with salsa
2 x Salsa dip @ 2 for £2.00
9 x cucumbers @ 69p each
TOTAL = £8.21

Mini blueberry muffin
5 boxes of Sainsbury's Bakery Mini Muffins, Blueberry x12 (£1.50 each or 2 for £2.50)
TOTAL = £6.50

Go ahead crispy slice
Go Ahead Crispy Slices, Apple & Sultana 5x39g (10 in a pack) 6 packs needed at £1.65 each
TOTAL = £9.90

Pancakes with butter
9 x Pack of 6 pancakes at 20p each
1 x 500g Butterlicious Butter/Spread £1.30
TOTAL = £3.10

½ bread roll with cheese spread
9 x Sainsbury's Bakery Wholemeal Rolls x6 at 70p each
2 tubs of Cheese spread needed at 38p each
TOTAL = £4.96

½ Sultana Scone with butter
Haywood & Padgett Sultana Scones x8 at £1.15 each (4 packets needed = £4.60)
1 x 500g Butterlicious Butter/Spread £1.30
TOTAL = £5.90

You'll notice amounts and cost etc. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks in advance folks.



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lol, night minty, sleep tight xx
Yoghurt tuna pasta with pitta milk grapes
Night peas xx see you soon
Hope some of these ideas help they require very little preparation. shop in aldi or lidl if poss their fresh produce is first class. Prepare bowls of rice risotto and serve up,also pastas with tuna. If you have a COSTCO boxes of mini pizza very cheap..large milk bottles also inexpensive at lidl or aldi..Good luck
I also thought that there's no need to go for brand names when there are just as good cheaper but good products around
Packets of rich tea finger biscuits. They are not too sweet, cheap to buy and you get a lot in a packet! They used to had these out at my sons nursery school when they had a glass of milk with them. The small size biscuits are just rightt for little hands.
What about slices of apples for finger food or some grapes?
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When my pre-school ever wanted a snack to go with milk they always gave them a couple of rich tea fingers., just the right size to hold for little hands and you get a lot in a pack too!

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