Cake Pop Maker Brownies

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Anngel123 | 13:23 Sat 19th Apr 2014 | Food & Drink
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Hello all, I can find recipes for cake pops, and recipes for brownies in cake pop moulds. But has anyone successfully translated the gooiness of a brownie into the electric cake pop maker. Please do not post links to recipe unless you have successfully used them in a maker. Many thanks indeed!!! Although the experiments are nice, they do not rise to the top of the maker like the cake version.


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Well, at the risk of annoying you then (since I'd never even heard of 'cake pops' until I saw your post, yet alone tried to make brownies) I'll post these two links anyway.

The first one is from a blog where the author claims to have achieved success in what you're seeking to do. (I've linked directly to the recipe, rather than to the main blog entry):

The second one is a Youtube video showing you how to do it. (I've deliberately not embedded it here as it probably makes more sense if you can read the comments underneath it):
We are quite behind the times here in the UK,so the delights of cake pops have not reached us yet. seems they are made with 'leftover' cake...something I've never come across....:O
I don't see the point of them really - just like a ball of cake on a stick.
The world is full of pointless food...;-)
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Pasta Freak and Buenchico it would be great if you would actually READ THE POST. I was asking people who ACTUALLY MADE THEM to give recipes. They are in the UK as shown by the fact that I have seen them and bought the electric maker. However, there are two types: those made by leftover cake squished together...ew. And those made in an electric gadget similar to a waffle maker the clue is in the name "electric cake pop maker". The reference to the mixture rising in my post makes it clear that I am actually asking for a recipe for a cooked mixture. I was quite thrilled when I saw I had five answers. Sadly, none of them are to my actual question...back to experimenting it is....
well, that's a bit terse, anngel - people like to try to help, but obviously (yet) nobody's made these odd things, and are offering advice. Chris has indeed posted a recipe....

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Cake Pop Maker Brownies

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