What Side Suits Sheperds Pie?

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flobadob | 12:20 Thu 24th Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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What sort of side accompanies shepherds pie, because chips or salad just seems wrong. I know that it is a meal in itself but for arguments sake...


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Broccoli and baby carrots.
Green stuff.

You have your meat, carrots, peas and spuds included. I'd go broccoli or cabbage or both.
Baked beans.
Mixed veg.
Sweetcorn and peas melange.....
Any green veg, (sprouts are my favourite)
Garden peas are our favourite with Sherpherds Pie.
Oh yes sprouts.
Peas carrots then you mash them up into the potato topping yum dente of course.
With butter and salt on 'em.
green veg
I love sprouts!!
Lambs lettuce
If you decide to have sprouts with your sheperds pie, Then get some of these first !.
Baby corn and sugar snap peas - with sprouts.
Simple - Brown Sauce!
i do shepherds pie with carrots and peas cooked in it and serve it with yorkhire pudding
gotta be chips.
Yeah, do a side of chips and roast potatoes to go with the mash :-)

No Tony, carb overkill - Red Cabbage either braised or pickled is nice too.
If you havn't got cheese on the pie you could do a cheesy cauliflower and leek bake.
With beans
And sprouts.....

No Tony, carb overkill

Never heard of that Mamya, well has they say 'you learn something new every day'.

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What Side Suits Sheperds Pie?

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