Refreezing Fruit Once Puree

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rosyherb | 17:05 Sat 19th Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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I froze a load of fruit, and now need some space, someone has suggested to puree it, can I refreeze after.



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Cook it, puree it, re-freeze it. No problem and simple.
21:26 Sat 19th Oct 2013
Hi, you will only be able to puree the fruit after it has been frozen as its compounds will break down when defrosted and turn into a mush anyway. It is not advisable to freeze pureed fruit or even fruit juice unless it has been pasteurised. I hope this helps
Fruit does not harbour the organisms that cause food poisoning because of the fruit acids present so you will not be in any danger if you re-freeze the puree. If you cook the fruit when you puree it you will be perfectly safe. If space is a problem why not bottle it or make it into jam, it will last for years then and you can store it out of the way
Cook it, puree it, re-freeze it. No problem and simple.
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Thanks folks, I had a guess that by puree it I was effectively cooking it so changing its state.

We have given loads away, made jam and other stuff too. still have two freezer shelves left. Didn't pick 1/2 of one bush (have two) and have given them both a good prune now. only have a small kitchen so jars would take up lots of room for me.

Thanks again for all you help

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Refreezing Fruit Once Puree

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