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China Doll | 10:42 Sun 06th Oct 2013 | Food & Drink
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If you're making a cake and it says you can use an electric whisk to get lumps out but you don't have an electric whisk....would using one of those hand held electric blenders be ok or is that a complete no-no?

Ta Muchly! :c)


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no. They are two different things, what sort of cake?
You can whisk it by hand :-)
This takes me back to Sunday mornings before we had electric whisks and we had a manual one which you turned a handle on. I was the one who whipped the cream for the trifle, it seemed to take ages....
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Nuts. I thought that was the case but figured I'd check. By hand it is.

I'm making that same coffee and walnut cake I made last week Fluffy.... only this time I will add 280g of flour and not 28g...

I will master this baking malarky!
I'd have given it a go China, blenders are for smoothing lumpy things aren't they? You're not trying to beat air into it just de-lump it.
My hand blender has two whisks which can be attached, not that I've ever used them, I always use my electric whisk for..err..whisking.
I got a small electric whisk for £6 from Amazon. It does the job...
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I think I need to have one cake turn out vaguely edible before I start thinking about investing in equipmeny :-\
When I started finding stuff difficult with my hands/wrists, I got one of these:

I've found it great.

You try a chocolate cake in a mug you microwave, quick results and less to waste if you get it wrong :)

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