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sunny-dave | 22:35 Wed 24th Jul 2013 | Food & Drink
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As sherrardk has reminded us that it's Aldi £5 voucher week, I thought a quick trawl through their wine list wouldn't hurt :

£3.99 - a very quaffable Zin Blush (from Puglia not California) - get it nice and cold and have with salads/fish or even with afternoon tea on the lawn :+)

£5.69 - award winning NZ Sauv Blanc - proper "cat pee on a gooseberry bush" flavours - very bold and a big mouthful - great with BBQ food for people who don't drink reds

£7.29 - an excellent Prosecco - the absolute dog's bits - show me another bottle of fizz under a tenner that can hold a candle to this and I'll be very surprised

£3.69 - young and enthusiastic Tempranillo - not exactly sophisticated, lots of bumptious fruitiness - but at this price it would be rude not to

£6.49 - a very nice, delicate, light red from Fleurie - lovely as an aperitif (lightly chilled even) or with nibbles and cheese

Bottoms Up

Dave xx


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I went to a music festival recently and a few of us took bottles of Prosecco. I took the Aldi one because I wanted to try it, someone took the Waitrose one and somebody else took one from M&S. The Aldi one was OK (ish) until we compared it with the others and then it didn`t stand up to scrutiny. I wouldn`t bother again but Aldi`s Pinot Grigios are good - the blush one is particularly good value.

Scuzeeee - what is Aldi £5 week, pliz?
Question Author
The voucher (in the Mirror/Record tomorrow) is for £5 off £40 - so judicious purchasing knocks around 12% off the prices above. So the Tempranillo is an effective £3.25 or so a bottle - very nice :+)
Oh! I planned to go to Aldi tomorrow - so I should buy the Mirror first?
Not a wine lover but their French lager is very refreshing. They sell it in 2 different strengths. Excellent value for money.
Little ole wine drinker, me
Question Author
Yes hc - the Mirror costs 55p (I think) and the main voucher is for £5 off any £40 spend. There are also product specific coupons.

Just check that the 'Quids In' supplement is actually there in the centre of the paper - it sometimes gets half-inched ....
I have never managed to spend more than £30 in Aldi as the prices are so reasonable. I can`t imagine spending £40. Maybe I should stock up on champagne to bump the price up
Question Author
Been there, done that 237SJ :)

Was it the Valdobbiadene Prosecco that you tried, or the cheaper Belletti, which I agree is nothing special?
I can`t remember. I just grabbed it off the shelf. It was £7+
Question Author
Oh well - different palates :)
I kid you not, Aldi tin foil is the best I have ever bought, even better than Lakeland (and much cheaper than Lakeland).
Don't need much this week so I shall use my voucher to stock up on more wine...thanks, Dave...x
Question Author
True hc - and not just for culinary purposes - when fashioned into a hat it renders the wearer invisible to US spy planes and immune to the conspiracies of the Bilderberg Group ..... possibly
Their washing up liquid is as easy as good as Fairy and less than half the price at 59p.
Question Author
Time to replenish my stocks of Bordelino from Lidl - £3.99
Just discovered aldi for Pinot - love it
Not really tried anything else other than face serum which is a guardian must buy
Will certainly try the tin foil now
Thanks for the recommendations
I have been buying the Pinotage for a while now. £.99 and its 14.5 % !
Sorry...above should read Lidl.

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