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MadMen | 14:46 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | Food & Drink
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I've opened a can of tuna but it smells really strong and looks very dark in colour. I only bought it yesterday so it can't be off. It's a tin of Tesco tuna chucks in spring water but I've just noticed it says 'skipjacks' before the work tuna. What is this and is this the reason it's dark and strong smelling?


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sling it
Skipjack tuna is the most fecund of the main commercial tunas, and its population is considered sustainable against its current consumption. It is considered to have "moderate" mercury contamination.
If in doubt throw it out.
I know it is a coincidence but I gave my two moggies a tin of tuna the other night and they actually refused to eat it.

They only get it about once a month and they usually chase the plates around the kitchen until they manage to get every last drop.

Do you think that there is something my cats know that we, mere, humans don't?
If it was bought yesterday then you should take it back to Tesco.
There's a dilemma. If you are sure it's off you can get indignant, go back and complain. If you think it may be just lack of knowledge re tuna, well you don't wish to make a fuss over nothing.

If you don't fancy eating it then don't. I'd sling it because I hate those return confrontations, but I know my woman would march back with it.

But wait a while. A fish expert may tell you that it's just superior tuna, or something, soon.
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Wish I'd read all these replies earlier. I only went and ate it! I thought it was just a different breed of tuna which is why it was dark. Oh goodness. I hope I'll be ok. It was one of 4 tins, so I will open another tomorrow and if it's the same I will indeed take it back to Tesco. Thanks to all.
Maybe it was, which is why I was hoping a contributor with tuna fish knowledge would get here for you. Seems to me that if you feel fine then it probably is the case then one can get tuna dark meat with strong fragrance.
I think skipjack is darker than yellowfin or other types. I reckon you`ll be OK.
The tuna steaks I saw in Asda today, on the slab, were very dark. I didn't go up and sniff them though.
Tesco eh? could be horse meat.
Tuna steaks go dark when exposed to air for any length of time.Tinned tuna should keep its colour.
From Tesco!! probably a bit of sea horse with it!!
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Ha ha. Never thought about that! Well I did eat the sandwich and had a bit of a bad stomach yesterday but I think it was just coincidence. I gave the other three tins to my neighbor who has a cat.

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