Jamie Oliver Get Ahead Gravy

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slinkycat | 01:40 Sun 23rd Dec 2012 | Food & Drink
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Someone put a link on here for the above so I thought I'd give it a go. Yes it was a bit of a faff, but smelt wonderful during the roasting part.
Thing is the resulting gravy so far tastes great but it looks very very pale. I know good gravy doesn't have to be dark, but this is more chicken soup colour!
Would it ruin the flavour if I added some gravy browning, or should I just stick with pale and interesting?


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If it tastes OK why are you worrying about the colour?

I'm not familiar with this recipe but assuming you are serving it with your turkey I would expect a poultry gravy to be pale in colour.
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Thanks eccles, I'm not very good at gravy, but as you say the taste is more important than the colour.
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Gravy browning won't spoil the taste - you only need a tiny drop. But as already said, if it tastes fine, don't worry. The colour of gravy depends on how long you cook the original roux for. Personally, I do like my gravy to be a bit darker in colour, but it matters not a jot.
I often make my own gravy and use flour to thicken it. This makes it look like chicken soup like yours does. Tastes superb though and im not worried about the colour.
Iwouldnt worry about the colour, taste is more important and everyone will be impressed if you tell them its a jamie oliver recipe anyway.
anyone have ' a link' for this gravy ?
Just caught a little bit of Jamie making this on tv, didn't see the whole thing. It did look pale, but what the heck, it is the taste that counts.
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Thanks everyone, think I'll leave it as it is then. Lynda, I cooked the roux for quite a while, but it didn't seem to make any difference, oh well, pale but tasty :)

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Jamie Oliver Get Ahead Gravy

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