Idieas For A Heston Blumenthal Style Christmas Dinner

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Fulcrum | 09:52 Sat 08th Dec 2012 | Food & Drink
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I want to make an off the wall and interesting Christmas dinner with a nod heston blumenthal.

So far i've got deep fried brussel sprouts in beer and moondust batter asd an apertif and have marmite and scallop soup as a starter but i'm stumped at what to make for the main course and dessert.

A friend can get cornish game hens and another friend breeds guinea fowl but don't have any ideas on how to jazz them up and wonder even if i did would it be "Wild" enough?

I want something unusual cooked and served in an unusual way so any help and any ideas are appreciated and i don't care how zany they sound.

Thanks in advance and forgive me if i don't reply straight away as i'm doing my christmas shopping both online and on the high street.


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Op, I got as far as marmite and scallop soup and gave up, as I suspect will your guests.

Is this a good idea?
1) Cook a whole turkey. Bones, giblets, parsons nose, neck, gizzard, etc.

2) Roast your potatoes in some goose fat, along with some parsnips and a butternut squash. Leave the seeds in the squash.

3) Boil up your veggies. Cook whichever ones you like but always do sprouts even though nobody that is coming round for dinner actually likes them. But it's tradition, right?

4) Stick the whole lot in a food processor, blend until the turkey bones are very small and unlikely to make your elderly relatives choke too much.

5) When your ingredients are nicely blended, throw in some instant gravy granules and a few cranberries. Give it another blitz in the food processor.

6) Pour in half a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and give it a final spin.

7) Et voila! Christmas Dinner Smoothie. I think it satisfies your criteria.
Oh dear....scallops are such delicate things-marmite would overpower them. I wouldn't do it.

Heston is not all crazy and mad-look here...
Gooner - love it.
reindeer steaks i saw lidls sell them or ostrich
Reindeer on a spit
@gooner...forget the bird and the sprouts...just the JD will be fine.
^ with pasta all the.way!
So we'll just stick a bottle of JD and a dozen shot glasses on the table? Saves alot of prep time I guess.

We had better put some tinsel on the table, otherwise it's not very Christmassy.
and an ashtray please.

Johny Mathis doing A Child Is Born and Bing and Bowie's deathless Little Drummer Boy on a loop tape in the background - paaarteee!!
don't forget Slade, humber.... It's ChristmAAAAAAAAAAAAAs!
...there's tumbleweed blowing through my talking turkey thread boxy, so I'm just sulking about my Slade's Beard badge...

I would be most disappointed to be invited to a Christmas dinner where I would
probably not like anything. I can envisage a lot of food wasted!
I have to agree with Sue. If i were invited to a Xmas dinner, I'd be annoyed if I wasn't served turkey with all the trimmings.

Otherwise you can't really call it Xmas dinner, it's just a meal.

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Idieas For A Heston Blumenthal Style Christmas Dinner

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