Expert advice needed on exorcising the demons from my cake tin.

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nellypope | 21:55 Fri 26th Oct 2012 | Food & Drink
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Behold my cake tin of doom!! What foul atrocities will spring forth from it's Teflon interior this time. Never having had much luck with my cake tin or loaf tin (or even my muffin tin when i think about it) only my bun tray has dodged the curse (my mince pies are rather good, if I do say so myself), I have decided to make my daughters Christening cake myself. And yet as I write this I hear you cry "No, STOP think of the children I am sure Mr Cameron would lift the austerity measures for just one day, long enough for you to order one". But I say "NO" times are hard people and I have watched the British Bake Off, heeded the wise words of the ones they call Berry and Hollywood and I FEEL STRONG! . . . .

. . . . I reckon all I need is two packs of cake mix, some buttercream icing and a some edible decorations from Hobbycraft. But my question is this: I would like to make a chocolate christening cake, use two layers of cake, one a choc fudge brownie recipe and then another layer of regular choc sponge, with a buttercream filling (choc, cream, vanilla please help me decide?) and ice it with a chocolate ganache or choc buttercream (to hide the multitude of sins).

Will this work? Your baking expertise is needed.


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Will this work? er......... I would say, No. Fudge Brownie mix and cake mix are two totally different textures.
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Ahh but what about cheesecake! Biscuit base, creamy topping?
My top tip is to get a sillicone cake tin. Believe me, anyone can be a good cake baker with one of these.
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Thanks Maid up, will do :-)
Don't use a silicone cake tin for anything special, I have loads and whilst they are usually ok, sometimes you can't get the cakes out. Regarding your other cake tin - first grease it, then line it with non stick parchment, your cake will turn out a treat.

Why would you use any kind of cake mix at all? Chocolate sponge is very easy to make. Use a Victoria sandwich recipe, but use a mixture of 25% cocoa powder to every 75% flour (3oz flour pus 1oz cocoa ). Don't use drinking chocolate powder as this has sugar added to it. The cake batter will look quite pale in the bowl, but is lovey and chocolatey when cooked. Good Luck!!!

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Expert advice needed on exorcising the demons from my cake tin.

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