TESCO Tiramisu

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Dom Tuk | 18:06 Sat 11th Jun 2005 | Food & Drink
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Let you in on a secret. Tesco sells its own brand Tiramisu 500 gm tray (quite large believe me) for only �1.88. The other brands are more than 3 times expensive and the Tesco tiramisu is made in Italy and really really good. Problem is I am addicted to the damn thing. Can someone please go and buy it all up so I dont have any when i shop.


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why dont you make your own? its easy enough and probably nicer than the one you buy..

Hi Dom,

Thanks for the Tiramisu tip (in Italian it means "Pick me Up") did you know that Sainsbury's does a Lemon version of Tiramisu(without the chocolate of course) called Lemoncello?it's just as addictive though!

I seem to remember that yonks ago you posted about dead bodies,and coffins,vaults etc? too much Tiramisu and you will find yourself there! LOL


My hubby once bought me a reduced fat one from Asda, it was revolting, even the dog refused it!
Dom Tuk. It is 23.23 and we have just returned from our sons house where we had a meal.  You won't believe this but my daughter-in-law served us Tesco Tiramisu for dessert. I agree, it was absolutely delicious.

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TESCO Tiramisu

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