Frozen prawns

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Spreeny | 09:32 Tue 07th Aug 2012 | Food & Drink
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I've made a fish pie & included some frozen cooked admiral prawns, I had some for supper last night but there's lots left, would it be ok to portion it up & freeze it? I'm a bit worried because the prawns were frozen previously...tia


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I would say that if you have already cooked the prawns in the fish pie you would be ok to then freeze the leftovers.
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Ok thank you :-)
Yep..I would.

Think about the BirdsEye fish pies. What do you reckon that fish goes through?
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Ummm, it doesn't bear thing about. :-)
Were they raw or cooked when you bought them...also were they bought as already frozen?
I'd be a bit wary if they are prawns that you bought as cooked-then froze,defrosted,cooked...and now intend to freeze again. They've gone through too many temperature changes.
If they were raw,it would be ok.
Never re freeze prawns or any shell food once it has been defrosted. It can cause at the least a bad tummy. its dangerous best to use them same day or throw them away.
If they were already cooked and then you re-heated to make the pie then no. IF you cooked frozen raw prawns in the pie and then chilled down straight away then will be OK.
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Thank you all, if you see me on here again, you'll know it's been ok! if not it's been nice knowing you :-)

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Frozen prawns

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