How long will wine keep at room Temperature.

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RICH | 20:13 Sat 28th Jul 2012 | Food & Drink
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I am getting married in September and have over the last two months have been buying wine for the big day. My concern with the recent hot weather is will the wine be ok for the day! I have 20 bottles of rose and 20 bottles of sparkling wine stashed away, by the time of the wedding they will have been stored for 3 months at room temp. (my fridge is not big enough!!)
Any advice would be great!!


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Somewhere away from too much light and a fairly even temperature. Under the stairs woul probably be as good a place as any. It is not as if you are keeping for a very long time.
drink it and buy some more later on
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funny ... they are stashed under the stairs! however the temp in the cupboard is 27 degrees and probably has been all week.
ubasses has given a good answer. I think that you might be worrying unnecessarily about the wine. Don't disturb it, leave it alone, and it will be OK.
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drink it and buy some more later on - Im not that flush! lol
it's only the same as leaving it in an off license anyway, decades ago i worked in an offie and bottles of wine sat on the shelf unsold for months.
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yeah probably worrying about nothing but being my wedding day just want to make sure all is perfect!
? user name Rich, - kinda hoped it was a financial statement lol
I'm sure it will be fine.

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How long will wine keep at room Temperature.

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