Silicone cake moulds

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Eve | 19:53 Thu 26th Jul 2012 | Food & Drink
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I am going to be baking a cake this weekend and need to get myself a cake tin.

I've seen a lot of the silicone moulds about, mostly in the pounds shops, and wondered if they were any good and do make it easier to get the cake out of the mould than trying to get it out of a tin intact.

Wondering whether to go for that or just a usual cake tin, any suggestions welcome as to whether the silicone ones are any good (regardless of the daft luminous colours they come in!).


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I use metal tins, but always use ready made lining papers. You can get the liners in all different shapes and sizes (at the pound shop).
I don't like the silicone ones, find a lot of things stick to them. Like theWinner I use metal tins with paper liners.
I use both and I find them just as good as each other. Use the best quality you can afford. If using a metal one, try to get one with a loose bottom (oo-er).
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Loose bottom is a good idea :) I sometimes have issues getting the cake out intact and nothing more gutting than a crumbly cake, especially as I'm rubbish at normal icing and don't like marzipan and such so can't cover it all up :)
That's what buttercream is hide imperfections! lol x
Dunno about the poundshop ones, but the Aldi silicone cake moulds are OK.

Not so convinced by the large flat ones (get some slight sticking/cracking) but the bun moulds and cupcake size ones are very good.
Silicone still needs a bit of oiling to prevent sticking. Also-get the best you can-some are sturdier than others.
I agree with Pasta, the more you spend the better the quality. I use expensive ones only because I make cakes as part of my job so I need to have good quality equipment. If this is just a wee one-off thing for you Jenna, go for the metal tins.
I approve of your new cake making hobby.

Want a new best friend?

<grins winsomely>
you can get spray release for silicone moulds but frylight works pretty well I still put a circle of baking parchment in the round flat ones though

Boo you missed the Danish pastries....
I find silicone dishes are great for pastry, but rubbish for cakes
Quite like my silicone moulds- only really used a few of them! I dont know about anyonelse but i thought the cooking time was upto 10min extra with silicone- oven is sh*te xxxxxxx

Have fun xxx

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Silicone cake moulds

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