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Eve | 17:59 Thu 26th Jul 2012 | Food & Drink
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I'm looking for some inspiration for some nice cake recipes as I'm doing something for a charity bake off next week and trying to think of ideas, preferably something not too expensive or faffy to make so nothing with loads of different/tricky ingredients or needing clever icing - I can bake but rubbish at icing, more of a buttercream girl :)

Was thinking a sponge with coffee and vanilla buttercream with walnuts on the top but thought I'd get some more inspiration!

Something that will sell well too for charity so with good appeal to people.

If all else fails I could buy it back haha (so best not a heavy fruit cake or similar as I won't eat it :)).

Ooh and looking pretty would be good :) I will need to get myself a cheap cake tin and baking tin as not baked for a thinking I need a practice run! Might even try and make a couple, enter one and provide the other to sell to make some more money for the charity.

Also a nice way of trading nice cake recipies or even the best tips for getting a lovely fluffy sponge recipe or extra tasty buttercream :) you want me to try and sneak you in? ;)


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For novelty value have a look on the Riverford Organic website for the chocolate beetroot brownies and their chocolate courgette cake.

Both very simple, quick and low faff level.
I can give you a recipe for a vanilla sponge cake, with creme patissiere in the middle and fresh strawbs and rasps.
I also have a recipe for a really light choc cake with choc buttercream.
Or you could make a lemon drizzle cake.

I have loads of cake recipes if you want any xx
I've posted this before and it's so easy and everyone loves lemon drizzle cake :)
It was my late ma in laws recipe and never fails ...
8ozs butter ..unsalted
8ozs caster sugar
8ozs plain flour
teaspoon baking powder
4 large eggs
2 lemons
Cream the fat and sugar together add the eggs and beat well . Add the zest from the two lemons .Sieve the flour and baking powder into the mixture and fold in .
Put into an 8x10 greased tin and bake for 40 mins at 190C
When it's cold prick the cake all over with a fork.Mix the juice from the lemons with a tablespoonful of icing sugar and drizzle it over the cake .
i say a lovely carrot cake with far too much topping and hints of orange (juice in the recipe and grated peel on top for curly wurly garnishes). mr kicker says coffee cake....but then he is completely disgusting x
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Oh wow, some great ideas! I just can't decide!!!

I was tempted by a chocolate orange cake I found on google but I need orange liqueur and buying a bottle for a little bit is too OTT.

Like the novelty idea but don't think I could risk it as I need people to want to buy it for charity which is how the money will be raised.

I don't think I've ever had lemon drizzle cake, does it taste really lemony? Will have to try some :)

Ooh decisions, decisions!
Like a moth to the flame ...

... the only thing more certain in life is that posting "silk cami-knickers" will attract a sqadlet.
You're slipping Boo, this thread first appeared two hours ago!
lol, i know Eccles, dunno what's up with me. I'm blaming the weather, too muggy, making me sluggish!

Shaddap SD!
For a chocolate orange cake, you could do a chocolate cake, split it, use a jar of Cadbury's Chocolate spread for the filling, and melt some Terry's Chocolate Orange bar, and spread it on top instead of icing. I've done this loads of times.
Hey, does that mean the sun has finely reached you???

I do hope so, I might be a sun worshipper but I'm happy to share the intensity of the last couple of days!
I did a choc and orange loaf earlier in the week, no liquer as i made it with little one and it was nice, and you could add chopped up choccy orange to the choclate part (it was basically a marble cake with orange in)
Lemon drizzle cake is delish. I make Tana Ramsay's one.

Meringues are good fun & dead easy.

Just make a couple of big flat blobby ones (not too fluffy, still a bit of stickiness left) & sandwich some whipped cream & strawberries between them.
A cake thatwould tempt me to buy it is a good old fashioned chocolate cake filled with buttercream and topped with real icing (not cooking chocolate), maybe some silver balls for the retro effect,
This is the choc cake with choc's yum! lol

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Oh wow, that looks gorgeous!!! Could put some bits of Flake crumbled over the top or chocolate swirls on as well for a finishing touch...mmmmmm :)

Does it have to be sunflower oil or could I use olive oil do you think and is it doable to whisk by hand as I don't have an electric whisk?

I so want cake now!
Don't use olive oil. It has to be sunflower oil to keep it moist. olive oil is too heavy and will leave a taste. You can whisk it by hand no problem xx
You really can't fail with cup cakes. If you buy fairly big cake cases and put a good tablespoon of sponge mixture in them Then ice with buttercream, adding a little more icing with some milk to make it squidgy. If you can find it edible glitter is not too dear and makes them look fabulous. They can sell for £1 each if you are lucky!!
Actually, if you use light olive oil the flavour is quite nice, especially if you put poppy seed and lemon in a sponge.

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