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what..the? | 14:12 Tue 17th Jul 2012 | Food & Drink
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I am off to a gathering after work nothing formal it's just the panto group watching last years panto we did on dvd as it has just become available.

Anyway they said bring food and drink to share, in the past I took some mini donuts, pineapple and cheese on sticks, pork pie, and cooked some party sausage rolls.

But I am going stright there after work, I have no prep time, nothing already to hand so have to pop in, there is a kitchen at the venue so could plate up things and cut them up etc portion sizes.

I can go past tesco or morrisons

any help please on any recommendations/ideas, that can be done with little or no prep

Thanks in advance


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most of the super markets have a cooked food aisle which have, saus rolls, bite size pasties etc. id they have a deli you could get something off there - mini quiches, olives etc - dips and bread sticks?
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thank you very true worth a gander me thinks
Just about every supermarket will have picnic food and canapes that require no prep.

The deli counter will have olives and stuffed peppadew peppers, sliced quiche, pork pies, samosas, satay sticks. Even if not on the deli counter the chilled food aisle will have tubs of dips - hummus, guacamole etc, plus most and more of the above.

Grab some crisps, tortilla chips, bread sticks and you are away.
Cheesecake from Morrisons x number of guests.
Morrisons for cold meats, fresh bread, humus, cheese and olives?

They also do prepared boxes of feta & peppers etc - so if you had to be really quick you could just shove a tone of these into your basket?
If you're watching a panto, how about some custard pies!
Could do a quick cream-tea type thing actually?

Also, if you can't find what you're looking for in the supermarket, try behind you.
mmmmmmm cheesecake....
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"If you're watching a panto, how about some custard pies!" lol

"Also, if you can't find what you're looking for in the supermarket, try behind you. " lol

Great ideas thanks but to be honest (hope no one from panto reads this) but everyone has very basic tastes and I think anything too fancy will just be left like feta/peppers olives etc.

Cream tea is a little prep but sounds nice I have to say, I would like to buy enough for everyone but wouldn't want to go mad on price, wouldn't know which are the best scones for price anyone know of any nice one's? The cheaper ones might just fall apart?
I know that I enjoy all scones, so am not qualified to answer. If they crumble, you just have to use more cream - it's win-win.

If you want to keep it basic I'm a bit at a loss - except that you can get those mini pork-pies in Morrisons. Combined with some bread, cold ham, cheese and a nice pickle you could present a kind of ploughmans-lite?
....all sounds good, but don't forget a punnet of strawberries will you?"
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are you talking to me maid'm lost :)
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do I need to get butter for the scones too or just plenty of jam and clotted cream do you think? Plain scones, fruited scones, mixture?
traditionally you don't butter scones for a cream tea..cream on one side, jam on the other. But personally I like butter as well. Dribble dribble
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