Looking for a recipe or name of a dessert

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quizmouse | 15:22 Wed 20th Jun 2012 | Food & Drink
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I used to work at Addenbrookes Hosp, Cambridge way back in the late 70's and ate often in their staff canteen. They used to have a dessert which was so lovely but I have never had it since and cant remember what it was called so I can find recipe to reproduce it myself. I wondered if anyone might know either what it was called so I can look up the recipe, I will describe it between salivating...... here goes.....
It had a pastry base with (if remember correct a jam/friuty covering over the pastry and then a spongy topping which was either made with or flavoured with almonds. The topping was very dark coloured and very moist almost as if was made using cake crumbs. Then it had sprinkled almond slices on the top and was served with custard. It wasn't Bakewell tart but oooh it was so delicious.....can anyone help?


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Hi Quizmouse I think you are talking about a frangipane tart. This mary berry one is good I replace the mincemeat with either strawberry or raspberry jam. Good luck with your search x

It sounds delicious! I think though, due to its similarity, that this is probably a variation of Bakewell tart -- perhaps the cook's own recipe. There are many recipes for Bakewell tart, dating from Mrs Beeton's time, so this could well be a very similar regional variation. I can't really think offhand what they could have used to make the sponge topping darker than usual ...
I would guest it was a substitute for bakewell tart made with something like breadcrumbs ,brown sugar and almond essence as the real thing would be too expensive for an institution setting It would possibly have been made with reconstituted powdered egg white as a binder
Perhaps they added black treacle to the sponge? Apparently this does result in a dark, moist sponge.
if you go onto the site "mydish" they have all recipies on there, also a discussion board
Or dark brown sugar instead of normal to make bakewell....

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Looking for a recipe or name of a dessert

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