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chamois | 00:37 Mon 14th May 2012 | Food & Drink
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I understand the arguments for and against keeping eggs in the fridge or at room temperature. However, most of the time I now keep my eggs in the kitchen.

I've noticed lately that I'm having difficulty cracking eggs in a frying pan. Instead of a nicely rounded yolk dropping into the oil, the yolk seems to flatten and spread out in all directions making a very unappetising egg.

Could this be due to the fact that my eggs are kept at room temperature? Yesterday, I cracked eight eggs in the frying pan before I got a "normal" looking yolk. This caused me some frustration as I was cooking for guests rather than myself

Thank you.


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You should crack them in a cup or glass and then slowly put in frying pan.
I always keep my eggs in the fridge for no particular reason.
How old were the eggs , seems like they were not fresh , older eggs go watery and spread out like that , does not notice if you are making a cake but frying or poaching needs fresh eggs .
Old eggs usually go like that. Do you check dates if bought in the supermarket, but they are usually sold with plenty of storage time.
Eggs. YUK YUk and YUk again.
I suspect it has more to do with the quality of the eggs. Cheap eggs can be bought anywhere, but most have more than their fair share of water, hence your problem. Room temperature is best, but you can't beat a quality egg (well I suppose you can with a whisk). Note that medium size eggs are much better than large size, which tend to be watery irrespective of their provenance.
If you buy the best type of free range..or whatever range, if they are old
thats how they go.
Flat yolk may mean not fresh egg
Eggs that spread out and look watery are not very fresh . Eggs should not be kept in a fridge , the best way to store them is in a cool place pointy end down . Shop bought eggs are usually at least 2 to 3 weeks old , thats why I keep a couple of chickens , nothing beats a very fresh egg.
I have to keep my eggs in the fridge - if I leave them out, the catz boot them off the worktop.
"nothing beats a very fresh egg."
What, not even an egg-beater?
I'm with Jeza. Would only eat eggs if I was starving and there was nothing else. Rather pick some dandelions and cook them (yes they are edible, although I have never tried them).
''Cheap eggs can be bought anywhere, but most have more than their fair share of water, hence your problem''

*imagines someone with a syringe injecting eggs with water*

What The Funicular
I'm glad it isn't just me...
I think they are confused with a bit later in the supermarket life cycle its chickens that get loaded with water...
Eggs. YUK YUk and YUk again.

Couldn't agree more YUK,YUK.

what would you job title be i wonder
if eggs are meant to be at room temperature. why do all fridges have disignated eggs storage in them ?
I always crack eggs into a small jug first, one at a time and then slowly pour it into the frying pan or hot water if poaching.

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