Whole leg of lamb, £13, Aldi.

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Traci66 | 16:17 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | Food & Drink
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No question, just thought I'd share.


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If only my freezer were big enough!
Frozen or fresh?
I got the ultimate substitution from Waitrose today..................I had ordered a meal of 2 peppered grills steaks with chips priced at £4.99.

For the same price they sent me a large box of chunky chips and 2 pieces of fillet steak, real price £12.90.
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Sorry for the delay ummmm, fresh, the frozen ones were more expensive.
Bought one from Tesco early for £10 in the week ready for sunday roast. will stud it with garlic and rosemary and smear mint jelly over it and slow cook it for about 5 hours.
That is a bargain! I like buying whole legs. My one regret is that I haven't got a knife sharp enough to saw through the bone.

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Whole leg of lamb, £13, Aldi.

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