Substitute for potato on Fish pie?

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Meg888 | 12:10 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Food & Drink
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Can it be done? I'm on low carb, and was wondering if there was any alternative to potato for topping a fish pie? TIA


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how are making the fish pie?
swede? butternut squash?
Mashed parsnip and carrot is quite nice, most root veg can be mashed down.
Cauliflower's delicious. Add a bit of butter and either some cream or Philly to make it .
You could also use swede or parsnips.
Mashed carrot and swede covered with a thin layer of mashed potato looks and tastes great
Mashed turnip

if you are strictly low carbing two websites you will find invaluable are
Zero carb megastore and Avidlite as you can get all sorts of zero and low carb substitutes including bread, rolls, (Bread is 2.5 g carb per slice) soups, cakes, baking mixes, sweets, crackers and biscuits.
Beat an egg into any of the above to make the topping lighter and tastier.
Fish stew (no topping) ??
And they will be full of additives,and processed within an inch of their lives. Better to train yourself not to eat those things. Stick to real food...far more healthy.
have you tried 'cauliflower rice' by the way grate cauli and steam for 5 mins as half teaspoon of turmeric, some cumin and a little oil and toss well great with curry
That ^^^ was in response to rowan's suggestion.
What about griddled, thinly sliced aubergines, layered around the top, a la hotpot?
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Thanks for your answers!

I was thinking cauli mash, I'll have to google a recipe. Parsnips are a no-no on low carb as they are almost as high as a potato. Would any low carb veg do, if it was cooked so it was soft enough to mash/become mush lol - but then overcooking takes all the goodness out, or is that old wives tales? I can also use fresh cream??
You could use crushed low fat crisps
Try putting cornflakes thgrough food processor and use as breadcrumbs on top of your pie.Is also good if mixed with paprika or any herb or spice you prefer.
Can't help Meg but thanks to Rowan for that cauliflower idea. Go great with home made lentil/onion dahl.
Sweet potato is lower in carbs and lovely on a fish pie
Mashed celeriac and cut it into a little mash spud.....
What about carrot and swede that low carb?? It's yummy even if it isnt..........

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Substitute for potato on Fish pie?

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