Where to eat in Covent Garden

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EcclesCake | 18:37 Thu 01st Mar 2012 | Food & Drink
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I'm staying in Covent Garden and meeting up with a friend and am struggling to think where to go for dinner.

I want good food but not fine dining, relaxed atmosphere, any cuisine and absolutely not a tacky tourist trap.

Can any of you recommend a hidden gem?


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There are restaurants of all types in Covent Garden. If the menu is not displayed on the outside, you can always go inside and ask to look art the menu. I always choose a place with tablecloths on the tables and always ask to be seated away from the kitchen and out of "the flight path" of the waiters.Try to get a table next to a window, if possible. Bon appetite!
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Thank you Robert, I was looking for a specific recommendations though. I often end up in and around Covent Garden and was looking for somewhere new to try that isn't a tourist trap, chain etc.
Here are some of my favourites:

See if this menu is to your tastes:

If so, take a look at the amazingly low prices here:
(There's a service charge to be added to those prices, but it's still cheap).

Bistro 1 is definitely one of favourite places in London!

Otherwise Porters is reasonably priced:

The Lyceum Tavern offers good pub grub upstairs. (The menu isn't particularly adventurous, with the usual pies, chilli, fish & chips, etc but the prices are cheap).

The Lemon Tree is a lovely little gem, offering great Thai food (and other dishes) at reasonable prices:

I was in Covent Garden yesterday. I opted for the Lyceum Tavern but you'd probably like any of the above. If you like Thai food though, the Lemon Tree might well be your best bet.

Fancy some authentic Thai in an informal, relaxed atmosphere at reasonable prices?

They have a restaurant in Floral Street, Covent Garden.
Busaba were at the Taste of London show a couple of years ago and I had one of their sample dishes. It was lovely.
I had a nice meal at Real Greek last month. Not a tourist trap, but everything in Covent Garden does get tourists.
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I haven't had Thai for ages, I might just give Busaba or The Lemon Tree a go.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Many years ago I used to dine at an English "pie" Restaurant called Porters in Covent Garden. It still seems to be there! Have a look at,

The food was unpretentious, wholesome and with a good ambience!
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So we now have two votes for Porters. I can't believe I've not had a drink there, might have to check it out!
Please do and report back! Another Restaurant worth checking out is "Maggie Jones"! OK, so it's not in Covent Garden, but within easy reach on the tube!

Have eaten there numerous times recebtly and not beeen disappointed, prices reasonable!
Bistro One as already suggested - good food at a bargain price. Or, if you like Middle Eastern food, Sofra does a terrific 'healthy lunch/dinner' which is a great assortment of hot and cold meze and is quite reasonable for the area.
Sorry, but I forgot to mention that it is named after Princess Margaret.
..and I forgot to mention that Sofra is in Tavistock Street.
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Thanks DocHH, not sure I can be bothered venturing to Kensington but will note it for when I am over that way.

Sofra looks interesting, I love that kind of food.
I love Lowlander, it has the feel of a continental bar restaurant and serves great food (and beer)
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I know The Lowlander well. I went there a few weeks ago for a couple of beers and a pre dinner nibble. The bill came to £65 for the two of us!!!
The Maple Leaf has good food at reasonable prices and draught Molson. I always eat there when in London
I live in Covent Garden and can thoroughly recommend Da Marios (italian) in Endell Street... Mon Plasir (french but not posh) Monmouth St...Cafe Pacifico (mexican) in Langley Street...Punjab (indian) Neal St...All of these are well established ...And there is a new Jamie Oliver called Jamies Italian (St Martins Lane) but I haven't tried it yet...And Chinatown is 5 minutes away - Mr Kongs in Lisle Street..Is very good....
I've frequently sampled the excellent meatloaf in the The Maple Leaf but I don't think that an extremely loud (and usually crowded) Canadian bar, with massive TVs showing sport on every wall, quite fits in with EC's request for a 'relaxed atmosphere'!

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