How do I cook a pork steak?

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flobadob | 01:07 Sun 26th Feb 2012 | Food & Drink
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I got a pork steak today. I is about 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. I've never cooked pork before. How should I cook this?


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It would be very nice with a mustard and cream sauce.
Bash if flat and stuff it.
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Snags you chef, I need details, time, temp, prep. By the by did you check out Creature With The Atom Brain, I think you like them.
I downloaded the album (and the second one 'Transylvania'). The Youtube you posted was the best track imo.
Re the tenderloin... something like this:

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snags, I Am Golden Gate Bridge is fing class. Check that out. Can I send it to you any way if you can't find it?
I have it ta. Not bad. Still waiting for some new QOTSA stuff!
This is one of my favourite recipes adapted from one in the Delia Smith cook book! I make it often because it is so easy and doesn’t take much preparing – just throw everything in and leave it to cook!!

Serves 4 (having one and half steaks each depending on size)

I use the packs of 6 pork steaks on offer at Tescos (3 packs for £10) This dish freezes well so batch dinners can be made. None of the ingredients need precise quantities – you will get to know how much to use. Leave out mushrooms if you don’t like them – the recipe still works.

6 Pork boneless steaks
Single cream (I use Elmlea 50% less fat – Morrisons) or use 150 ml double cream to make the sauce even richer!
Juice of a lemon – or use some from a Jif squeezy lemon
Pack of button mushrooms (use 2 packs if you like a lot of mushrooms)
Butter or spread to fry in, small quantity plain flour, Kitchen foil

Heat oven to 180 deg C or Gas mark 4.
Fry pork in frying pan with a large square of butter until meat is just sealed on both sides. Remove steaks from pan and place them on a large 2ft square piece of foil which is placed in a baking tin or tray. Season to taste. Add more butter to the pan and fry the sliced mushrooms for a couple of minutes. Add the juice of a lemon or squeeze Jif juice over mushrooms. Stir. Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of plain flour over the mushroom mixture and mix all together with a wooden spoon while still cooking on a gentle heat for about a minute. This will result in a soggy mess with the mushrooms coated in wet flour (looks revolting at this stage but trust me!) don’t let this mixture burn in pan. Spoon mixture on top of the pork on the foil. Add a fair quantity of single cream pouring it straight over the top of pork and mushrooms (this will “sour” when coming into contact with the lemon juice and after cooking makes the delicious sauce) Try to keep the mixture away from the foil edges and make sure the foil doesn’t tear, while wrapping the steaks up securely into a parcel – scrunch the foil up at the top to prevent the sauce from leaking. Cook for just over 1 hour. The pork will be really tender – it just melts in your mouth! Serve with green beans or peas and new potatoes – delicious!
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Thanks Ann.

snags same here, any info on a new album? We're going to see that band and Mark Lanegan next month. Looking forward to it.

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How do I cook a pork steak?

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