Tap water filter systems?

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Catapa | 19:30 Sat 18th Feb 2012 | Food & Drink
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We have installed a Blanco Filtra Flow tap with a separate flow for filtered water tap with a standard 10" filter unit under the kitchen sink. The kitchen tap is great, but the water doesn't taste as nice as Brita filtered water.

Does anyone know if we can somehow get a Brita under sink filter unit to replace the 'Puro Silverline' 10" filter unit that came with the Blanco Filtra tap ? Or any other suggestion to keep the tap but improve quality of the filtered water?


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Do you especially like the tap design and was it as expensive as it looks?
I ask because Argos has this one.
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@woofgang - the Blanco Filtra Flow tap is much better. The inline filtered water has its own tap and never mixes with warm or unfiltered water. It also has a single lever, which I prefer.

But the filter doesn't seem to be as good or at least the water doesn't quite taste as good as the Brita filter water. What I am really after is the bit under the sink (e.g. the £33 Brita filter cartridge plus the mount with the in- and outlet for the water). But I am unsure if I would be able to fit it and wondered if anyone know where to get the filter unit without having to buy the £190 complete set.

Or otherwise if anyone can recommend better 10" filter cartridges.
the filtered water on the Brita has its own tap too, but they all come out of the same faucet. You can get the filter bit direct from Brita, someone else makes the tap part, but i don't know if you can attach it to another tap.
how long does the cartridge last??????
brita cartridge? 3 to 6 months at mine.
i have the watersimple,the cartridge lasts for a year and only costs £18,they post me a new one when it needs changed,i think it was quite expensive,i won mine in a competition.
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Thanks for the information. @woofgang - does your BRITA inline filter tap use a 10 mm hose or 15 mm tube to connect to the filter?

If BRITA also uses a 10 mm hose it should be easy to add a BRITA inline filter onto our system.
The problem is that Brita has carbon filters. and far as I know there is no such 10 "cartridges.

I watched page Blanco tap really nice :)
From what I I've seen there is a filter for heavy metals, completely do not understand why.

I can recommend a replacement of everything that you have under the sink.
For something like this:

you can this system connected to a tap of your (already have) so the outside will look the same. and the water completely different :)
Purified + mineralized system has also Infrared Filter and is already a very large benefit for our health

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Tap water filter systems?

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