kettle debris

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emmie | 08:51 Sat 11th Feb 2012 | Food & Drink
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not sure of proper category so sorry, but the kettle i have gets filled with flaky bit of debris. I have cleaned it a number of times with hot water, but wonder if you use the boiled water, let it cool down and drink it, then find these bits in the glass would it do you any harm to drink it.


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or is there a better method of cleaning it.
The flaky debris is calcium carbonate deposits that have precipitated out of dissolved salts in the water. You must live in a hard water area.
They are not dangerous to ingest, but not particularly pleased in the tea.
The best way I have found of dealing with them is by using a kettle that incorporates a filter in the kettle spout, then washing the deposits away every week or so.
I also I have to descale the kettle periodically to remove the hard deposits that stick to the base of the element - this is the same chemical compound.
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thank you, not sure about hard water area, live in the capital, but i didn't realise at first that the water i had with diluted squash had these flaky bits in the glass. I was trying to avoid drinking straight cold tap water. I might go and buy a new kettle perhaps with a filter, as sure this one doesn't have one. I once tried a shop bought descaler but couldn't get the smell, taste out of the kettle, even after repeated boiling.
We have a sort of brillo pad thing which pops in the kettle - a limescale catcher - this has stopped a lot of the debris forming in the first place. Much of the south-east is on chalk, it's a consequence of living in this part of the world.
We use Oust kettle descaler as we live in the hard water area of the SE as well

Works very well in 10 minutes and even better over night
I also use ironing water in my iron, never tap water
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oj, who irons? perhaps will have a look around, thanks for all the tips much appreciated.
LOL em,

School uniforms :( I cant bring myself ot let her out of the house in an unironed shirt
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do what i used to do, put shirt or whatever item on a hangar, hang in bathroom, perhaps over the bath/shower so when someone has a shower, bath the steam gets most of the creases out. I have just seen a nice kettle on line, so might treat myself, talk about living the highlife.
lol em, know what you mean
Getting excited over electrical items is not what I envisaged for myself at 18 ;-)
I'll try the short thing, thank you

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kettle debris

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