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BlueMoose | 21:49 Fri 10th Feb 2012 | Food & Drink
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My friend is trying to name and possibly buy (if possible) some sweets dating back approx 40 years.

This is their description:
Milk chocolate about 1 inch long shaped like an almond with nut pieces inside. They are thicker than a chocolate button but much thinner than say a Thornton's chocolate. They were bought in the West Midlands/Black Country area so don't know if they were limited to this part of the country or were available nationwide.

Can anyone help solve the mystery? They have asked in several old fashioned sweet shops but without success.


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Have a look here and see if anything fits the bill -
I think Crispets is a good answer.
Sounds more like chocolate Brazil nuts to me. Crispets are not almond shaped. You can buy chocolate Brazils in boxes at Aldi.
Nut pieces, though - brazils are whole nuts covered in choc.
Try "Teddy Gray's" sweet shop in Dudley. I live in the Black Country and this place should be able to help. They also had a stall on Brierley Hill market, but I don't know if it is still there these days.
Like Maggiebee I think it's Crispets that you're thinking of. They actually had the name embossed (not sure that's the right word) on them. My family used to love them and a few years ago I ordered some for my mum from an on-line sweet shop, she said they were OK but not the same as she remembered them. Bring back the original Crispets, that's what I say!!
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Thanks for speedy replies. I thought it was solved but the original seeker has said that Crispets are close but not the ones. Good job I checked first as I was going to order some for them. Will check out Teddy Grays.
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Came across this site. Don't know if these will help those looking for original Crispets


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Old fashioned sweets

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